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  1. Hiiiii i posted on here ages ago when when i started Acctutane and my journey through it! Ive been off it for ages and i must say it DOES work so please everyone be paiteint! However, as i said ive been off for a fair few months now, but the last couple of weeks ive had spot after spot almost around my mouth which is were i used to get them before! From anyones experience does Accutane kind of leave the body and will my bad skin come back again? Am i allowed a second corse of Accutan
  2. On 60 mgs now, hope it kicks in now. Face has been alot drying and flakier since i started the 60 mgs. Face is almost clear atm, jus red marks from previous spots. People who know - whats the difference going up a dosage, whats the experience? good and bad please Talk to me Xx
  3. Try not to if possible. I know its awful, but if you burst a cyst it will damage your skin bad, there not like normal spots. If you see one coming, leave it alone as best you can. Good luck
  4. Roughly 2 months into it now. Going to see my derm next week, hopefully bump my dose up. Its been sort of alright, i still think im slowly going through the IB but i could be wrong. Ive had a couple spots in the last few days, nasty and red = MINGING! What makes it worse it.... because my skin drys up quick, the spots turn into scabs and jus looks shithouse! But anyway..... Xx
  5. Just an update on the sitation dudes.... Bin about 1 month and 1 1/2 weeks. I think i may still be in the initial breakout but i think its slowly slowing down (touch wood) Lips are still dry so too is my face. As far as spots are concerned Ive got like 3 that are on there way out so not so worried. red marks under and around my bottom lip is still there which is a nause, that's my most prone area for spots. Anyway.... I don't each hardly any dairy and don't drink ANY milk at all, i no da
  6. Thanks for replying dude, i will try that! My sister said when she was young, she used to use warm water then straight after use cold water to so called "open clean and close" the pores. God noes, all i know is this best work by the end of the coure. I got no time for ruining a lot of months like! Xx
  7. Yoooo!! Its been just over a month of 30mg a day of this "amazing" bit of gear Ummm IB Is still breaking out, cant really seem to stop or slow It down. I got a habit of popping white heads tho so I guess I make it worse on that case. Lips have become more dry over the last few days, dry face is fine, body aches sometimes but i can put up with that! Ive seen other logs on here and I can see alot of people are alot worse than me, but it still makes me so upset and angry hmmm... Im hoping the
  8. Thanks for the comments dude's! Its been calm-ish for a day or 2 but red marks from previous ones are still there which Is anoying as a fart In a space suit. Im expecting It to get worse and worse, god knows how Im going to cope going to college and work all week! Xx
  9. Ok dude thanks for keeping In touch like. I wanna like this drug but I hate the pissin thing atm. This IB better slow down soon! How you gettin on with It anyway? Xx
  10. Quick question How long Is this so called Intial Breakout spose to last? Jus so I know how long Ive got to suffer Xx
  11. So....... Been on It for just over 3 weeks. All WAS going well untill this past week, Ive been breaking out a couple times on my face, and cant seem to stop It atm. Im well pished off with It!! Hopefully they will go away soon, I no this drugs Is supposed to take a while to work but It was all going so well My face has not been oily since I started taking It which Is good, Im winning the battle with the dry lips How ever, very upset and anoyed about these latest spots man!! Talk to me!
  12. First week Is over and as things are going. This drug Is defiantly the one!!!! The battle with dry lips have picked up a notch over the last few days. I'm winning the dry skin battle with one batch of moisturizer In the morning which lasts the day! Skin Is 95% clear, couple red marks but nothing to notice really. Face Is a bit redder after the moisturizer for a few hours. All In all Its going very well. Buzzin!!! Xx
  13. Ok took my 4th lot this morning. My face Is pretty much clear apart from one but, I dont think this Is down to Roaccutane rather, Jus having a pretty good few days I recon. Less oily skin which Is fantastic! Face Is starting to get drying and so Is my lips so Ive started with the lip balm stuff 2day. Other than that, no side affects yet Keep you all posted!! Xx
  14. Thanks for your post! What dose are you on? And how bad Is your Acne/spots? Mum has got me some pretty decent lip stuff from her work (nurse) (y) And has It started doing the job yet? IL keep you posted! Xx