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  1. It looks like you mostly have hyperpigmentation with a few breakouts. I think getting an exfoliating cream from the dermatologist would help a lot. If you can't get to a dermatologist I would try glycolic acid. Hi, thanks for replying! I'm using AHA almost every night after my BP and moisturizer. But not sure if the redness could also be due to the use of AHA. It looks like you mostly have hyperpigmentation with a few breakouts. I think getting an exfoliating cream from the dermatologist
  2. My skin is really weird. I'm definetly ok if i skip the BP at night. But if i skip in the morning, something will happen. Example, bad acne comes back and now the worst case i'm having now - Rashes. I swear to myself not to skip BP in the day anymore! Why is that happening? Anyone know the answer? I did put on makeup in the day.
  3. I'm sorry for the above uncomplete post. I was saying if any of you wanted to share shipping fee, PM me. I do know a website that share shipping fee for danielkern.org stuffs.
  4. Don't be afraid to try it out. I admit i am in the same situation as you before getting on BP regimen but when all products don't work, i decided to give BP regimen a try since no products works, why not just try. I believe if you are not allergy to BP, it works perfectly for all skin. Give it a 4 month trial. After that, you will left with only 1 or 2 zits. Thats what happen to me. View my album. 15 weeks ago, i got all sorts of pimples, bumps. But now, i'm dealing only scars and marks. I'm usi
  5. Alright, i know this is going to be scary but i'm gonna post the pictures of my progress from Week 1 to Week 15. Although I'm already on my Week 16 regimen. First to note, i still don't have great and clear skin because my scar and marks are still very obvious but as you can, acnes/pimples/bumps are already gone but there are some red blemishes that might not appear in the photos because they are subsiding very fast from the aid of my BP. <I figured new member couldn't post images hence ch
  6. Hey, any of you tried JOJOBA oil? I wonder if Singaporean suits to use JOJOBA oil? I'm referring to our weather and things like that. As in asia skin suits?
  7. Urhm, rather than saying red, i should say it itch, and very drying for my skin. I try out so much moisturizer but out of 5, only 1 works. I been using Neogence hydrating series and it works better because their main ingredient is water. I guess it's better for flakness skin. All the bad things happen during the first month and after that only 1 or 2 blemishes appear around the lady month. Oh, and one big cyst acne appear sometime around 2nd or 3 month. It didn't appear already. (i hope it don't
  8. They do have it. At least Watson which is where I usually get it from. You can't get pure BP per se but you can get OXY. I don't subscribe to using BP 2.5% at all. It doesn't work for me. I use OXY's BP10%. It's WONDERFUL. Plus, OXY 10% comes with a coverup (skin colour) version. And the coverup is amazing. It's better than any foundation/concealer I've used surprisingly. I use it and it stays on for the entire day. And the coverup action actually even gets better with the day as BP tends give f
  9. I'm not sure but the shipping fee is quite expensive if you're only buying 1 only. I always buy from ebay. The seller has quite a number of Dan's regimen stock but what i'm worry is i don't get the latest upgraded version one. Am still looking for supply. Actually, this spreer do hold quite a number of US spree, you might want to contact them and ask if they can hold the spree or not. - *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  10. I look into the mirror and see if there's active acne or not. Last time when my skin is full of bumps/acnes, i always check if it's healing or not. Now, i'm talking to the scars and chant to them to get them heal faster and disappear from my skin.