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  1. Thats nothing, I found a box full of 40mg's I thought I lost after I had to end my previous treatment early. I had to move far away from my old dermatologist, so I couldn't continue my treatmnt. I found a new dermatologist and I'm now on my 2nd month of the treatment that's supposed to last 5 months, but I'll be extending my treatment even after I stop receiving them
  2. YW Daniel Try to lay off the alcohol while on perscription medication like this, you'll feel much better overall, and you won't get terribly sick from it! Have a happy holiday and keep me posted in this thread
  3. You CANNOT take the ipledge test earlier than the 30 days. It's okay to have the pregnancy test like 2 days before your appointment so the test results come in, but you cant take the ipledge test any sooner. When you go into the doctors office, your doctor calls ipledge, says that your not preggers with the information from your lab test results; then you call in and take the test. Get it? I don't know your story, but make appointments, 30 days apart. Take your lab test 2 days before you
  4. It depends. How often do you wash your hair? Do you need to wash it as little or as much as you do? What other products are put into your hair? Do you put heat to your hair (flat iron, blow drier, hot curling iron etc)? What treatment are you using, if any at all (hot oil treatment, masque etc)? What kind of brush or comb do you use? Do you live in a relatively harsh climate? Whats your ethnicity, (that usually plays a big part)? I ask all this because Accutane does dry the skin, dry ski
  5. LOL fake n bake. Don't do it, you don't want cancer.... which is btw the second killer in the world next to heart disease.
  6. Yes, you need to reschedule, whoever put you at that appointment isn't doing their job right. You NEED to have a pregnancy test EVERY SINGLE MONTH. The longest period you can go without having your pregnancy test done is 7 days I THINK, but also during that period you cannot take the competence test from ipledge. Either way you need to make an appointment EXACTLY 1 month apart so you don't miss a dose, you can take the competence test, and you have ample time to take your blood test. I have my b
  7. I'm currently on my 2month's does of Accutane. My skin feels so SOFT!! I keep going up to my mom and telling her to feel it, I'm so proud of it! So I know where your coming from with the disappointment of the medication being so wonderful then your acne's all coming back worse. The side-effects on the box do state that it CAN worsen acne, but just stick with it!! Wait till your next appointment with your doctor, it's supposed to take 5 months, so let it do its thing, I'm sure you've suff
  8. I think, therefore..?

    1. The reason why you are getting ingrown hairs is because your not getting the oil out of your pores. You must exfoliate your skin after waxing. Gently exfoliate the area in warm water with a sponge, (a little lotion helps remove it also). Be sure to remove the access wax. You must remember that it will always be red unless you apply makeup because it is a very sensitive area and chafing can always occur from clothing or brushing of thighs up against the sensitive area. The more you wax the area,
    2. I love chocolate!!!

      1. Lapis lazuli

        Lapis lazuli

        I like chocolate too. In fact they sell a pastry in a bakery where I live that seems to be made of chocolate for about 90%. I love it... :|