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  1. I'm trying to find out information about laser treatment too. Everyone on this forum is looking for answers though. Think about it, who would visit this message board after they are acne/red mark/scar free? Sorry you've not had responses. Are you in the UK? I do wish I could post my facebook site so you could see my results. Or just go to isolaz website and click on before and after photos. [email protected] was your results good or bad? thanks for everyones posts as
  2. some forum this is everyone just ignores my posts,I guess ill just have to go to that sk:n clinic and i'll end up getting the wrong laser and wasting my money
  3. does it work for old red marks left after acne?
  4. Does the isolaz laser get rid of old red marks left after acne? ive had them for about 10 years now,anyone tried this laser before or is there a better laser for this type of thing if so please tell me. Also were is the best place to get it done in merseyside,thanks.