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  1. You are so pretty! I like your hair as well!

    1. Gosh have a porcelain shade which I've used before and is very pale. It has pretty decent coverage as well. You can find it here: http://www.superdrug.com/foundation/gosh-x...35/&bklist=
    2. Such a ridiculous question to ask you. Please ignore it, because before you know it your skin will be so much better and this woman just won't matter at all! I've just started Accutane myself, so fingers crossed it goes well for us!
    3. rainsores

      Helped clear skin Sometimes smelly I had a really bad time with my skin a few months ago - it was the worst it's ever been - and then I came across urine therapy. I thought to myself, I've tried everything else so what do I have to lose? I haven't had an outbreak since. Is it just coincidence? I don't know. But my skin has never looked this good... So do it, I really don't think you'll regret it.
    4. Hey, really pleased this is working for you. I had some really good results with Clinique - especially their anti-blemish range. I literally had clear skin for about 5 months which has never happened before. I really don't mean to dishearten you, but my acne gradually started worming it's way back though, and came back with a vengeance after that I really hope it continues to do wonders for you though, I just wanted to give you a heads up. Fingers crossed!
    5. Hey, I feel your pain - my self esteem is rock bottom. Last month my doctor took me off Microgynon and put me on Marvelon instead. I haven't stopped breaking out all over my chin since. It was bad before, but now I've got really sore cystic acne Maybe it's a change in the hormones? I don't know, but whatever is happening my antibiotic (lymecycline) sure isn't helping. I haven't been able to prevent the break outs, but I think the best thing to do is ride it out and see if it settles? I know i
    6. I don't want to jinx this too soon but my skin is actually looking good for the first time in a very long time. What's helped me is the Anti-Blemish Clinique range. At first I was highly skeptical as I'd already tried every face wash under the sun and believed the only thing that could help me was medication. But as it was evidently turning out, even taking tablets every single day wasn't doing anything significant to my mild acne. At first I simply changed my moisturiser to the Clinique Ant
    7. It really does cast a huge shadow over any sort of social life for me too. Sometimes I get ready and then decide I still look too bad to go out or have my friends over. It's difficult seeing people with flawless skin too, sometimes I wonder if they know how lucky they are =/
    8. My face feels swollen, and worst of all it HURTS. My skin genuinely stings. I've had a terrible summer of it, and I'm at breaking point. Or breaking out point... ho ho. I HATE going to work. I'm constantly in view of customers and my colleges, and the lighting is SO unflattering - it literally emphasises every.single.flaw on my face, that I just want to run away and not do my job properly. Sometimes I feel people staring at me and I literally want the ground to swallow me up. I'm now supposed
    9. I've just invested in some of this as I've read a few good reviews. I'm from the UK though and we don't seem to sell it here, so I've had to import it! We possibly do a similar product but I wouldn't know where to begin looking. Let's hope it arrives soon though and does the trick
    10. Hey, I was put on the contraceptive pill Dianette when I was 15 and then proceeded to gain more than a stone (at least 14 pounds) over a year, even though it did clear my skin. I also had uncomfortable joint pain on this pill and it made me unhappier in so many different ways that I had to come off it and look for a different solution. I've been on all types of different antibiotics since, and nothing completely works as I always have something I'm trying to cover up with my make-up. I'm curre
    11. rainsores

      free (in the uk) cleared my skin weight gain, lots of it uncomfortable joints I was put on Dianette when I was 14 or 15, and regretted it for the next 2 years of my life. Although it did clear my skin, I lost my confidence in so many different ways. I literally gained more than 1 stone and it made me really really unhappy. I also found that when I leant on one leg it would really hurt my joints, and that stopped as soon as I came off this pill. I'm on Microgynon now for con
    12. I'm currently on Tetralysal 300mg x1 a day, and Microgynon 30 x1 a day and my skin is far from perfect at the moment, and I've been using these two in conjunction for the past year. I use Microgynon for contraceptive reasons foremost, and I'm too scared to change my pill because I gained so much weight on Dianette! Although Dianette cleared my skin, I then found myself unhappy with my body! Microgynon doesn't help my skin at all I don't think, although it also hasn't made me gain any weight and