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  1. Polypep

    Day 187 - Success...and sweat.

    Today is day 187, or 26 weeks and 5 days. That's over half a year I've been taking Accutane. I've been on 40mg/day for about 3 months now, and the derm tells me I'll stay on it for four more months. The good: No acne! Since about week two, and it took about another three weeks for the existing acne to calm down and heal. I have had the occasional boil elsewhere on my body, maybe 4 or 5, but no face acne at all now. Red marks are fading and skin tone is evening out. No oil! I can now wea
  2. Polypep

    Day 99 - High cholesterol

    I haven't had any real change with my skin since last month. No peeling, no oilyness, but I have to keep up the face and body moisturising day and night to keep the itching at bay. I haven't had any new face acne since week 2 or 3, so that has been wonderful. I got a few large pimples/boils on my body though this week, don't know what that is about My last blood test showed all my cholesterol levels were too high, above acceptable limits, so I've started a cholesterol-lowering diet and a
  3. Polypep

    Day 70 - Derm appointment

    Derm appointment today. He was happy with my progress. I told him I was stoked with the results so far. My blood test showed high cholesterol, which can be a side effect of Roaccutane, so I have to see my GP and get it sorted. I stay on this dosage until I've done it for 8 weeks then go up to 40mg daily, and see the Derm in 3 months. New side effect since increasing dosage to 20/40 mg...dry eyelids. WTF? so now I'm making sure I'm moisturizing them twice daily, along with some serious lip ba
  4. Polypep

    Day 87 - I'm such an idiot!

    Hi, went to my Derm today. Didn't get a chance to ask him your 30mg vs 20/40mg question, but he said :1. It's the cumulative effect, not the highest dosage, that gives the best results.2. It's a balancing act between dosage and side effects3. When I go up to 40mg I can expect dry eyesSo I would say keep persevering with your current dosage, but if you aren't seeing results I can understand that you are frustrated. As I see it you have three options, keep doing what you're doing, buy some glasses
  5. Polypep

    Day 58 - 40mg one day, 20mg the next...

    I don't know of any difference between 20/40mg vs 30mg daily...I go back to my derm next Thursday so I'll ask him. I guess when he gives me my prescription renewals I'll be able to tell too, so if I get an answer I'll let you know.So you're on day eighty-something with no improvement?? Bugger, I would be expecting a massive diffference after nearly 3 months if my results are anything to go by. Everyone's different though, I know one guy who after 5 months still doesn't have results, but has wors
  6. At my 8 week mark, it was time to up the dosage for the first time. So now I'm on 40mg one day, 20 the next. I think it would have been easier to get a 10mg and 20mg prescription and just take 30mg per day, but whatever *shrug* Lips are peeling a bit, a couple of days this week I've had skin hanging off my lips and had to pull/bite it off with my teeth so it didn't keep annoying me when I talked. My skin is still great, haven't had a new pimple or any oil on my face for about 6 weeks now.
  7. Polypep

    Day 47 @ 20mg - Rash on arm :(

    After my eventful attempt at a blood test last week, I took the tape and cotton ball off my arm on Sunday night. The area under the tape was itchy and red and I scratched like crazy. The next day it was far worse and I had a spotty rash above and below the tape mark, so I had a trip to the dr. who prescribed a new type of cortisone cream. It has been very slow to do anything but a week later the rash is receding and it's less itchy. I have had the odd allergy before but wonder if the Orotane mad
  8. Polypep

    Day 41 @ 20mg

    Still really happy with the results of 20mg accutane daily. My skin is not dry or oily. My face is not peeling or flaking, just un-oily. I've been using a light moisturiser daily, and a heavier one on my body. Very occasional itching, but not much else. I have dry lips, and have to use lip balm every hour or so, with a thick layer on at night before I go to sleep. Also some light moisturiser on a cotton bud and I apply it up my nostrils, as they have felt stiff and I don't want them to bleed
  9. Polypep

    Day 27 @ 20mg

    I'm really pleased with the results so far. My skin looks heaps clearer than it did 27 days ago. I don't have any active acne at the moment. I have a few red marks from previous pimples. About 4 are really red and don't seem to be fading. My lips are very slowly but gradually getting drier. Until yesterday I would just have tingling dry lips, but yesterday and today I woke up with actual dry peeling skin, and I've had to really smother them with lip balm to try and get them back to normal thr
  10. My skin is looking clearer every day. My red marks are slowly fading, and the new pimples go very quickly and quietly or don't leave a red mark. Lips are dry but not peeling, hair is dry but head not peeling, face is only 1/10th or 1/20th as oily on my forehead as it used to be. The rest of my face is lovely, not dry, not peeling, and not oily. I'm still absentmindedly touching my face to feel my smooth and unoily skin. Every few days I get nausea, and it even woke me up last night. I have
  11. Polypep

    Day 18 - Still going OK

    My skin looks like it's improving. I see more clear areas with no dots than I have before. I still feel hard sore lumps under my skin that previously would have grown into massive cysts, but now they seem to sit there, get sore to get my attention, then fade into the background again. I'm sure they are still there but just waiting for the right time to make an appearance. My flakiness went after one day. I put a tiny bit of moisturiser on it and it vanished for a few days, but yesterday I not
  12. Polypep

    Some Fears....

    Hi KBALM,I'm in Australia, I'm 40, can't get pregnant and have very mild cystic acne but I've had it for 25 years on and off. I had a short stint on accutane in my early 20's but didn't stick to it. Here's my experience with getting my first accutane script filled this month:1. Go to derm appt. He examines and gives script for Orotane and pathology forms to get blood test.2. Take prescription to pharmacy and get box of Orotane, with drug info pamphlet printed by pharmacist, and little 2 min talk
  13. Polypep

    Day 12 - I have liftoff!

    I have peeling! My chin had very tiny peely bits this morning, so I put a little bit of moisturiser on today and it went away. I have peeling lips too, just a tiny bit but enough to show that the 'tane is kicking in, so I'm keeping the lip balm beside me at all times and smothering it on. Yay! Still have a moderately oily forehead and nose, but now I have hope that it will all dry out soon... I have two lumps under my skin between my top lip and nose. You can't see them yet, but they
  14. I think my face is looking a tiny bit clearer. My last breakout has all but gone, and for the first time ever it didn't leave any red marks. Still no real dryness, itching or flaky skin. A few times a day I get an itch somewhere on my body, and my scalp is getting a bit itchy, but only about 1 on a scale of 1 - 10. This week I'm going to get a leave in conditioner for my hair that hopefully will spread onto my scalp a bit and ease the itching. If it doesn't, I'll have to look for a gentler a
  15. Skin hasn't really changed much since my last post. I've faithfully taken my 20mg pill every night with food / dinner. I can't believe that I haven't forgotten one yet I've also been good with drinking. I've told a few people that I won't really be drinking cos I'm on medication so it should be easy to avoid. If anything I can be the designated driver. Lips are very slightly itchy sometimes, I am keeping up with the lip balm as practice and preparation for when they get really dry and