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  1. I believe some people who are allergic to BP use tea tree oil as an alternative. Careful though, the stuff can be pretty strong. I'd suggest talking to your dermatologist first though just in case. Good luck!
  2. I'll definitely make sure to take a look and try that out. I really appreciate the tip.
  3. Hey guys. I'll try to keep this short, but I do appreciate any and all advice you might have for me. (So please hear me out). Basically, I've been finding it a bit troublesome lately managing the regimen during days that I have to get up early for school or work. I usually have to get up over an hour earlier than I normally would, mostly because my moisturizer takes forever to dry up (it's the moisturizing lotion from Cetaphil, which is really great but basically covers my face with a white
  4. Okay, so I've been looking everywhere for a transparent moisturizer because the one I use now (Cetaphil) - while awesome - does make my face go white all over (and no, it's not the BP because it happens even if I don't use any.) So, does anyone have any tips on any effective moisturizers, that are transparent? Or any other tips or tricks on how to minimize the white residue from sweating? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys. Maybe one of you can give me some thoughts on this? Part of my daily routine is getting up in the morning, washing my face, putting on BP and then moisturizing (Dan's basic regimen). Now, the problem is when I moisturize. I use the Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, which works great, except one simple detail - it basically leaves a thick white mask over my face which takes over an hour to fully dry. Now, my problem is that during this time, I can't do anything outside the house until it
  6. deus_ex

    Okay, so...

    I hope this is the right place to ask. Anyway, what I don't really get about Jojoba oil is... it supposedly regulates your skin's oil production (which is debatable), and is non-comedogenic but isn't it the oil in your face that stimulates bacterial growth in the first place? What makes jojoba oil any better to apply than the oil which is already produced in excess by your body?
  7. Hey guys. I'm not gonna go into a long recap of my acne history, but I do have some questions about oral antibiotics and going off them. Well, after lots of thinking and discussion with my dermatologist I finally decided to take a break from Tetralysal for the summer. She insisted that I quit cold turkey, something that I know a lot of people don't recommend because it increases the risk of a relapse. Well, I did quit cold turkey, (which was about three weeks ago), and I've already noticed som
  8. Yup, I guess there's nothing left to do but keep fighting. One day it will hopefully get to a point where I'm not troubled by it anymore. Still, there are times where you have weaker moments and it feels good to vent. @[email protected]: Glad you managed to get rid of the problem. In a way it's kind of inspiring because you prove that you can have the problem for many, many years, but still manage to get clear in the end.
  9. Hey there! I'm not really expecting anyone to read all this, nor that I'm going to get any real replies... or that anyone will really care for that matter... but what the heck. Wall of text warning... but it would really make me happy if someone were to hear me out. Well, to put it shortly, I'm just really struck with a sense of hopelessness nowadays about my whole skin situation. I mean, it's not like I'm really covered in pimples anymore, it's not that I'm afraid to outside, but I do have my
  10. Well, last winter was pretty hard on my skin. I didn't get that many breakouts but my cheeks were red and flaky, pretty much from November until early March. I guess cold had something to do with that. (I live in Sweden). The thing is, I've been experimenting with different moisturizers/cleansers over the last couple of weeks (two different moisturizers on each cheek, for instance), and while there haven't been any big differences so far, these last two days I noticed a big change. My left chee
  11. Okay, so I'm not really expecting much of an answer to my questions (sigh, not many Swedes here, I suppose) but if anyone have any tips or comments, feel free to post them here. Anyway, I'm currently in search of a new cleanser/moisturizer, but the problem is that it seems nigh impossible to get a hold of any worthwile products in Sweden. Why? Because the pharmacy (or the ones in my city at least) tend to have a very limited line of products. If one of them don't work for you then you're more o
  12. Well, I guess you could say I'm on my own regimen. I don't get that many breakouts anymore, but my cheeks tend to get dry and reddish. They're not really subject to zits, just overall redness and these red-to-pink blotches. It's in these areas that the stinging comes when I use moisturizer. I'm starting to think there might an irritant in my moisturizer (or possibly in my cleanser), because while it does make the area slightly softer and less flaky, the stinging coupled with the fact that the r
  13. After applying BP, I usually wait about half-an-hour before applying mosturizer, because if I do it any sooner I get sort of a burning sensation on my skin. It doesn't really swell up or turn red, I just feel a stinging. Is this normal? I figured it might be better to wait because of this fact, but I don't know. Also, not sure if this might be a cause of the moisturizer itself. It does sometimes feel like it irritates my skin somewhat, but I'm not sure if it's the moisturizer or if I just apply
  14. Thanks! Well the thing is, last year I managed to get my skin completely clear, but then the cleanser I used to use was discontinued in the stores and I had to switch. I guess I always attributed the blotches to the winter that followed and the air getting colder/drier, but it might just have been that switch that caused it all along. I'll look into it tomorrow and see what I can find at the store. I'll still stay tuned for any replies or tips though.