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  1. actually, everything that u wrote about yourself is applied to myself as well. i also compare my skin to others, i look at myself in the mirror ocasionally in different light settings, lol. I felt and i am feeling that life is passing me (school, and uni). Got rid of my acne just recently (right now completely) but my scars on face left + mental/psychological problems are still present. It is very very hard to deal with everyday's reality, at least for me, because i do not know what will happen
  2. Ok, i had acne, really bad one (conglobata). I hope i overcame it by using acutane. But the thing is, i suffer from S.A.D. disease . It is social anxiety disorder. It really hurts me because basically you live without social life, you want to communicate but the is always a pressure and emptiness in your head. Or when you are trying to talk you really look and sound awkward or stupid. That what it is. I would like to know how many of you suffers from this and what are you doing to overcome it?
  3. in school i was constantly bombard with really meany things by classmates, some of the girls said, that she would better die than get laid with such an ugly fuck. such comments really made me to close from entire world, i actually didn't make any new friends for about 6 or 7 years. can you imagine that such mean comments and constant shit i heard made me suck at life?
  4. Hello World, I feel very bored and i am going crazy. I suffer from acne for like forever and I suffer from acne conglobata for 6 years straight. For me it's a huge life span especially when you realize that it was wasted for nothing. It is full of fails and unpleasant experiences that don't make you stronger. On the other side, it ruins your personality. I'm 22 at the moment and my conglabata made a massive psychological impact on me, i used to hide my emotions so well that there are absolutel