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  1. HI, sorry if it would have been better to post this elsewhere, im new here

    okay, i had my first Fraxel Re:store treatment very recently, i know little about it

    intensity: varied from 50-70mj

    passes: forgot to ask, it would be more than 5, less than a dozen or so

    from what i know (from my doc and the internet), there should be a bronzing effect (always? dunno) after my fraxel laser.. but for me it didn't happen :snooty:

    its been a week, only had minor peeling, and honestly, it just looks the same to me (but i understand it would take more than 1 treatment to judge it completely)

    MY CONCERN IS should i have bronzed in my first week of post-fraxel?

    my doc says "there is an explanation to that..etc" but come on, after saying there would be bronzing but now there wasn't after all, what am i supposed to believe?


    well my point is I DID NOT BRONZE, so does that mean that my first FRAXEL treatment was a failure and i am not actually suitable to it? thank you!!