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  1. yep, those transparent peelings in the cheeks, quite few and quite small in my opinion, i was hoping that almost my entire cheeks would have a peeled skin but it was just bits and bits spread out.
  2. HI, sorry if it would have been better to post this elsewhere, im new here okay, i had my first Fraxel Re:store treatment very recently, i know little about it intensity: varied from 50-70mj passes: forgot to ask, it would be more than 5, less than a dozen or so from what i know (from my doc and the internet), there should be a bronzing effect (always? dunno) after my fraxel laser.. but for me it didn't happen its been a week, only had minor peeling, and honestly, it just looks the same to
  3. Atomgel


    hi! new member here! mmm.. thinking sharing my condition would give me some kind of relief (searching for sympathy! lol) i know there is no 100% cure on scars, all i want is to get rid of the redness really, then any acne scar would really be unnoticed publicly and tolerable for me importantly..sigh mine is really frustrating right now im finding a cure.. for the pain.. aww lol