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  1. Been messing around with the AHA+ tubes for awhile and since I'm treating my back and chest it gets really messy with the tubes just not as comfortable as the 16.oz bottles. Is it possible Dan will release a 16.oz pump bottle of AHA+ ? Especially since it's part of the body/back regimen?
  2. There is no magic cure, all treatments require time. There is no clear link between food / diet and acne. People can drink milk and not get cysts. Most topical treatments try to help exfoliate the skin so excess dead skin cells don't end up clogging your pores. I would advice you try the BP and AHA+ combination, and give it 3 months and see where you are then it's been quite effective for me. I can only strongly advise you to treat your body acne with something, as no treatment means you ar
  3. Since i've been on the regimen (Oct/2010) i've only had minor new breakouts they tend to be tiny and go away quickly.The odd isolated pimple is going to keep happening. No large inflamed pimples however , and I can usually track it to something I did for example skipping an application or irritating that particular area more then others. Being gentle didn't make sense to me at first but now after using the regimen for awhile you do start to notice that new pimples often form in areas where you
  4. I've been using AHA+ 1-2 times a day next to BP for awhile now to treat my body acne, and i'm noticing that my acne scars on my chest (ice pick mostly) appear far less pronounced then they were.Has anyone else experienced this using the AHA+? They haven't gone away or anything but now you really have to zoom in close in order to see them.I knew AHA+ was used to treat very mild acne scarring but i had no idea it could make ice picks appear less pronounced. Quite happy with the effect it's having
  5. Ik heb om te testen een tube 5% hydrogel benzoylperoxide gekocht bij de apotheek + spul om het te mengen tot 2.5% tube was 30 gram +30 gram verdun spul maakte 60 gram 2.5% BP voor 4 euro. 100 gram is ongeveer 4 oz. het ligt er natuurlijk aan hoeveel BP je gebruikt ik gebruik het voor me rug/schouders/borst. Ik gebruik ongeveer 1 pot 2.5% bp van 16.oz in 22 dagen. Met belastingen en vervoer kosten gerekend van 4 potten van 16.oz kwam ik uit op ongeveer 10 euro per pot die ik kan besparen door bij
  6. Sounds exactly like me, i started to clear in my face only for it to spread to my back and chest. I would advise you to go on the regimen and apply the BP and AHA+ i've not managed to clear up completely but new outbreaks are tiny in comparison and much fewer in number and go away more quickly. I am quite confident it will be able to clear me up even more by continued treatment. My biggest mistake was not treating my chest and back acne because i figured it would be impossible to treat suc
  7. I had this when i started the regimen the itching went away after awhile for me. Kind of a tingling itch. Give your skin time to get used to the BP.
  8. Others have already pointed out that your anger is misdirected not acne.org is rubbish but UK customs/shipping company/UK postal service that takes over once it arrives is rubbish. I'm happy Dan is willing to ship his products internationally to begin with. As it no doubt involves more work, and thus more cost then shipping inside the US only. You also don't seem to be aware of how acne.org started and why he decided to make and sell these products to begin with. He found after much trial and er
  9. One nasty little surprise i encountered was that I had to pay sales tax on the total cost of the product including the shipping cost (!).So if you buy $100 worth of product and pay $50 shipping the tax people will calculate the sales tax from $150. Don't live in UK so can't say if they calculate the sales tax in the same nasty way but just a warning if you are thinking of buying supplies.
  10. I'm glad it has worked for you. I've been on the regimen since 20th of October and new breakouts are almost non-existent, and if new pimples form they are much smaller and fade quicker then before. I'm quite confident that with time and proper use the BP will be able to clear me up if not completely then at least considerable. But it does take time, some people get clear quicker then others but one shouldn't judge the effect of a BP treatment for acne until at least 8 weeks of using it. Patience
  11. Awesome thanks for sharing never tried sulfur before. Glad it's working for you.
  12. You just started the regimen your skin will become more used to the BP after about 2 weeks of using it. Are you using anything besides the regimen on your face? Try cutting the Olay moisturizer and cleanser out of your regimen as it might aggravate it. And instead use Dans cleanser and moisturizer to go with the BP. The effects of the regimen are also not fast, it takes at least 8 weeks to get any kind of idea if it's having effect. I've looked into BP and most doctors take more time and
  13. I do this with what i would call "inactive" cysts that are white deep and just won't go away. I've walked around with a white bump on my cheek for a year when i decided to prick it with a needle and dab loads of tea tree oil on it eventually i could drain it and it was gone. Left no scar whatsoever i also do it on inactive cysts on my back and shoulders. Recently i managed to get rid of two on my back that had been there for a year or more. And they left no scar just a red mark that faded after
  14. For some it does for others it doesn't. It's good you are skeptical as most products which say they can clear you up don't. The only difference i see with this regimen is the sheer amount of BP used. Your skin will dry a lot in the beginning but it gets better after a few weeks. I've not found it to make my existing acne fade faster although it does make it less red and irritated and the few new breakouts I've had seem much smaller and fade much faster. So if you are looking for a quick fix this
  15. You might be able to get benzoyl peroxide through the NHS but im not sure as i don't live in UK. I know that i can get it through my health insurance. But it's not the 2.5% but only 5%-10% small tubes of BP not the same quality of the acne.org products. and i would have to probably see a doctor to have it prescribed and i can't be bothered to atm. I would just buy a few weeks supply and see if it works. I have body acne as well and i treat my neck,shoulders,back,lower back.chest,upper arms.