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  1. Yes, ofc you should tell the doc. Just think about one thing .. how did u feel before The Accutane ? If for something, I felt exactly the way you described BEFORE the Accutane with the acne. Is it really depression or are you just overobserving yourself. It is mighty normal to get down and dont want to see anyone when you see a giant pimple on your face that will leave a scar for sure and you cant do nothing about it.
  2. After an exhausting 6 month battle in my final push to defeat the acne (amazing results! .. prolly gonna drop another long topic with the whole routine) my acne is down about 75-80%. Now as a final touch my dermatologist perscribed me a 1 month long accutane course, 20mg per day. I am not even discussing here whether to take it or not, I have done an imennse resurch over the past half a year and I am doing it. The only minor worry that I have is that i've never heard of a 1 month accutane course
  3. And that has worked for whom ? I havent eaten sugar, milk and fatty foods in over an year and 've got no results whatsoever. I havent really seen any1 to actually get rid of acne with a diet. Accutane cures acne or puts in in permanent remision in 90% of the cases. -------> Fact. --- better ? Yea. Its called getting old. I remember some retard in his 50s was complaining that his joints hurt and he was blaming the 'tane that he took over 20 years ago. When you get to 50 your joints ar
  4. Antibiotics rarely do the trick. To me it sounds like "may persist after treatmet". No1 states any specific time-frame. Everyone has a head on their shoulders and decides for himself. Stop scaring people. IT IS A SERIOUS DRUG. AND ACNE IS A SERIOUS ILLNESS. Adult acne is a disease. ----> Fact. When you have a disease you take meds. ------> Fact. Often mainstream meds dont cure it. -----> Fact. Accutane cures acne. -------> Fact. Conclusion ----> Accutane is the
  5. However, several others reported the bacteriostatic effects of Penicillium earlier than Fleming. The use of bread with a blue mould (presumably penicillium) as a means of treating suppurating wounds was a staple of folk medicine in Europe since the Middle Ages. .... -Wikipedia We are getting totally off-topic. In BOTH cases it only comes to show that sometimes meds are being discovered by pure chance. Thats all there is to it.
  6. Some people are dumb. Get over it. :) If any1 makes the effort to even type Accutane in google and read the wikipedia article he/she will be well aware of all the side effects. boohoo .. penicillin - the mother of all antibiotics was - was discovered when it was noticed that poor people who were eating moulded bread were less prone to bactearial infections. Every med has side effects. Even aspirin. The stronger the drug the stronger the side effects.
  7. lol .. cant win the argument ? Adult acne is a disease. ----> Fact. When you have a disease you take meds. ------> Fact. Often mainstream meds dont cure it. -----> Fact. Accutane cures acne. -------> Fact. Conclusion ----> Accutane is the only option for thousands of people to lead a normal life because acne is really a debilitating illness much like cancer. If the only option is a chemoteraphy drug I dont see whats the big deal out of it ? And yes .. the bad side is suppsed to
  8. I would say you have moderate acne. If I were you I would go for the 'tane.
  9. pretty amazing .. gratz :] .. and yea I was just wondering the same thing .. you dont seem to have had any IB ?
  10. Not even remotely funny metaphore : ) .. but opinion noted. The thing that bothers me the most is not to take the drug .. wait for 3-4 more years, try all the meds and antibiotics all over again and still get no results .. and after 4 years to be at the same place where I am today .. and evetually take accutane .. only with a 4 year delay.
  11. mmm .. sooo 28 pages of "debating" and still no answer ? Finally .. Accutane -good? -bad ? pros: -no acne, -selfesteem, -NORMAL LIFE ! cons: -its type of chemo therapy, -possible permanent (but not complete) hairloss, -certain hair shadding for some time, MPB comes earlier, -possible muscle and joint pains, -decreased night vision while on the drug, -mental issues (but it can be widely argued whether the acne itself wont cause greater)., chapped lips, dry eyes/nose. bottom line ? .. hard to s
  12. I dontwant to debate anything .. as a future Accutane user I am genuinly interested in the"hair loss induced by Accutane. And cause I wasnt able to find any solid proof for such a thing .. I am asking nicely and politely any1 willing to share some pics with before and after comparison to do so.
  13. etc ? ETC ?! oO .. peope rarely get even one of these severe side effects, and you have all of them ? not only that ... there is etc ?! whats that supposed to mean ? Dear, I am deeply sorry if you are trully experiencing these side effects and in that case I prolly look like an ass .. but step in my shoes as well .. 4 different dermatologists are saying to me that Accutane is ok, .. say I dont believe them .. I go to the net to check things out for myself .. bunch of positive feedback, bunch of
  14. [Edited link out] <-- this is lamarr (please take no personal offence from posting the picture, I took it from your profile, if you desire I shall remove it).. riiiight .. and you say you have hairloss + acne ? This is supposed to be a post accutane pic .. DUDE .. you have beautiful skin + MORE HAIR than i do ! And I have barely taken any meds in my whole life (I am 21) let alone Accutane. If you aint in a wheelchair I would say you made a fair trade for the clear skin. I read your story ..
  15. I would really appreciate anything .. I know that I may sound a lil pushy asking from people pictures :] .. but I am planned to start Accutane in November and I am currently researching the "posibilities" for the future. My acne is really bothering me lately and I just cant stand it anymore .. but it seems to me rather pointless to just replace one problem with another.