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  1. readytosmileagain congrats on being acne free! that's a huge accomplishment that you should pride yourself on! :)

    where abouts are you in PA, I live in the Philly area( about 45 min away) and work with a plastic surgeon as a medical esthetician.

    scarring is permanent but there are things you can do to make them better so don't give up hope.

    I have seen great results with various laser peels. I suggest something non invasive done in a series such as the Cutera Pearl or Alma Pixel. They will yield wonderful results without "downtime" and have a less chance of unwanted side effects. For some of the deeper marks there are always various types of facial fillers (though not permanent) there are other longer lasting options coming out on the market now.

    It's too easy to feel like giving up, you've made it this far, keep going! :)

    You can private message me if you have any questions, I'd love to help you!