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  1. beautyZontheinsIde
    Blah, I feel gross today...I got a new yucky papule on my right cheek, RIGHT ON THE APPLE of it which is SO noticable. I didn't pick which is good but whatever. I did a lactic peel to help fade my red marks about three days ago and so far so good The marks are getting lighter but I still hate looking in the mirror without concealer. I feel like a freaking leopard. Well. Anyways, I started using Dan's Regime but with using products that are OTC for now. So far it seems to be okay, minus this huge mountain on my cheek. The left over red marks bum me out SO MUCH! I don't care what anyone says, its just as frustrating as having acne.

    I have a few questions about the regime.

    I'm obviously SUPER SUPER flaky and dry which is making concealer look crappy but I have no choice when I go to work, I need to wear something while at work talking to my clients about skin care. Blah.

    Any women doing the regime and still wearing make up...any tips?!?!!?
  2. beautyZontheinsIde
    So if you read my last entry-I had a decent breakout and since I lost my lovely tan from the summer, my skin is pale and the marks are more noticable. I'm so relieved to have the breakout subside but I hate the red marks just at much as the bump itself. Anyways a few years ago I did a series of lactic acid chemical peels to fade my PIH (post inflammatory pigmentation) from an acne breakout. I did one peel a week for 6 treatments - so 6 weeks and it made an amazing difference.

    So I am tapping into my aesthetician skin care stash and I will be doing Skin Ceuticals sensitive skin peel which contains lactic acid to help fade my marks. I'm going to do just spot treat the areas at hand wish are on both side of my cheeks. The peel goes on for about 5 minutes max and then neutralized and only tingles a bit.

    My plan is to do this peel every 5 days until I completed 6 treatments so I figure in about a month the spots will be significantly lighter (if not completely gone)

    I'll be posting progress and pictures to let you guys know how this works and maybe someone else can have some success with this type of treatment.

    Anyone have any comments or suggestions I'd love to hear about them.
  3. beautyZontheinsIde
    It's been a hot minute since I posted anything on here because for the past four months I actually enjoyed my skin. Random hormonal zit or two here and there but nothing that sent me running to the hills. I felt my confidence come back and the best part . . . . I even stopped wearing foundation everyday, I would just conceal the zit or two that I had at the time. What an amazing feeling to only wear eye and lip make up.
    Alas, I had a FREAK breakout that started about three days ago so Wednesday and its Saturday now. I mean this breakout literally came without warning, there were no "under ground bumps, congestion" going on that I thought, "okay, I might break out soon." nope. just nice smooth skin and I woke up Wednesday morning to look into the mirror and be greeted with my old face again. 6 large, red, sore papules staring back at me like a bunch of bastards.

    I made an appt with my derm and had them injected with a corticosteriod shot - I hate paying to do this but otherwise I will be the hell out of them and make the situation waaaay worse so this helps me. The next day the inflammation was much better thanks to the injections but of course the redness is still there (which I HATE because I am very pale and it takes FOREVER to fade) which makes me want to run to the nearest tanning salon, pay for a monthly package and fry the fuck out of my skin so I get nice and tan and the redness hides easier...but I know, I know, this is bad and will only prolong the situation in the long run. I'm just so impatient and always looking for a quick fix, but who isn't?! Acne blows.

    Anyways, take a look at my clear skin - to my latest breakout - to three days post breakout. The last pictures (where I look like a man and my hair is on top of my head) are taken an hour ago when I just got done washing my face and applying all necessary acne creams etc.

    I feel so defeated because I was just getting used to loving my skin. I haven't introduced any new products into my routine, I'm taking my BC the way I should. The only thing that crosses my mind is that I had a lot of dental work done and after words my TMD/TMJ acted up terribly for three weeks, I was in so much, constant pain, which caused a ton of stress, and I was on a crap ton of painkillers....so maybe that sparked a flair up?! I'm hoping so and that I will be back to my old self shortly. Oh and yes I have "pimple cream" on one of my larger zits that I didn't get injected because I am trying to smoother that thing to death so I wanna keep it covered for a while today in hopes of it going away (wishful thinking)

    Again, there is no way I'm going on Accutane and I'm hoping this was just a sudden and brief set back.

    Update you on my current regime:

    PM: Washing with Skin Ceuticals LHA Cleanser (obsesssssed!) Once a day - two times is wayy too harsh for my skin, and I don't need it. and washing only once has made a huge difference the past four months.

    Apply Obagi's Clenziderm Soluble BPO 5% all over face

    Moisturize if needed with aloe vera or 100% glycerin from Obagi

    Take ortho tricyclene

    AM: Rinse face with cool water, pat dry, moisturize if needed (usually not needed)

    Apply any concealer to spots I may need and do eye make up and go on with my day

    Take a B Complex Supplement

    Now since being to the derm he wants me to do Retin A 1% and go back on doxycyclene 2 times a day. BLAH. Idk why but I HATE the idea of RetinA's and as a skin care professional I know they can make a world of difference but I don't feel like drying the crap out of my skin and breaking out and purging for no reason, especially if my skin was doing okay . . . IDK I purchased it anyways and did use it last night. And I'm starting my Doxy today.

    Here's hoping.

    Anyone have opinions of 1% Rentin A? Should I listen to the derm or just keep up with what I was doing? Anyone else's skin flair up out of nowhere when under a ton of stress?

    I will keep you all updated!

    My Skin Before the Break Out

    My Breakout Three Days Ago

    Breakout Today (Post Three Days)

    This is the first time I posted pics of my breakout, I don't even let me friends or family see me when I look this disgusting and I just go to work and go home until my skin looks "better." I know it could be worse and there are acne sufferes out there that are having a harder time, and I am not trying to sound annoying but for me this is bad and I am just as upset about it. It breaks my heart, I cry everyday-numerious times and I don't feel like myself. Any suggestions or tips would be welcomed!
  4. beautyZontheinsIde
    Blah, today sucks. . . well yesterday sucked too becaues just like clock work my face has broken out and I have dont nothing to help it. . . just picked the shit out of it which i know is wrong but in my sick head I always think it sounds like a good idea at the time. I have been really cutting back on my picking habit and when I dont do it I love my skin, then I squeeze a bump one night and then start everywhere else its a sick twisted cycle.

    i know that by the end of this week/start of next my skin will have started to heal but Im sick of going through this whole process, I didnt even bother wearing concealer or foundation to work today I was that fed up, I know that we are all going through the same thing and some of us are on different programs, regimes, have differnt types of acne, different severity of acne - but at least we all know what it feels like to feel like you're the only one that understands the humiliation you go through.

    I wish i was stronger and didnt care about it so much and didnt let it effect my plans for the week or who I'm going to see, or re routining my way to work so I dont pass certain stops, its exhausting.

    Anyways, i just had to bitch b/c no one else around me wants to hear it haha

    Just a little bit about my program - over the past four months of switched BC's which was promised to make my skin better (it didnt) and it made it worse I started getting large breakouts that would heal and then start again. So I am back on orth tricyclene which I have been on for years before going off of it for the past three months to try seasonale out. and my skin has greatly improved. My derm said i would experience an initial breakout b/c my body needed to adjust to the new hormone levels yadda yadda and she was right. I am thankful that the breakout isnt painful or cystic but its just a few red swollen papules and then a cluster of tiny red inflammed bumps on my right cheek by my mouth

    I just feel hideous and it doesnt help when you work at a plastic surgeons office and advise people on their skin, ugh. I hate my job sometimes.

    Anyways I know things will start to get back to normal once everything levels out so I am hopeful, just discouraged at the moment.

    Here is my updated routine:

    AM: Wash with Skin Ceuticals LHA Cleanser - Every other day apply thin layer of Obagi's Theraputic Lotion(soluble 5% BPO) - and moisturize with 100% organic jojoba oil. *some times I apply a thin layer of 100% organic aloe vera gel if I know its that time of the month! just for extra protection.

    PM: If I wore a lot of make up that day I will precleanse with an Oil Based cleanser by Dermalogica called pre cleanse - then I will wash my face with Skin Ceuticals LHA cleanser - light layer of the obagi BPO again - spot treat larger areas if i have them with skin ceuticals blemish and age defense (1.5% salicylic acid) - then sleep with skin ceuticals clarifying clay mask on larger blemishes - and of course apply a nice helping of jojoba oil

    Orally I rely on just BCP Orth TriCyclne as of late. The week I'm off the pill I take Dong Quai to keep my hormones balanced as well as evening primrose oil. I also take a daily mulitvitamin, flax seed oil, and acai berry. I do feel that it helps

    Anyways, I will post pictures later on . . . someone give me something to smile about today . a funny story, picture, video, or can anyone relate?

  5. beautyZontheinsIde
    I am no stranger to ACNE.ORG

    Like most acne sufferers I have been traveling off and on this site for years, and you know what? It really is the only place at times where I can find any relief from what is going on in my personal struggles with acne.

    So I decided that I am ready to start blogging, in hopes that I can help inspire others and that others can inspire me

    With this first entry I'm going to introduce myself and give you all a brief run down of whats going on (skin wise)

    First off I have been a licensed and practice medical aesthetician for over 3 years now. I love what I do and at times my profession can make me be a lot harder on myself and how I think I need to look at all times. I first decided to get into skin care while I was practicing make up artistry. It was then that I was introduced to skin care ingredients and product lines and I immediately was obsessed. I couldnt wait to help make a difference in my skin and others skin through skin health and knowledge, not by cover and hiding it with make up.

    Because I am a medical aesthetician I have the pleasure of working with some wonderful board certified plastic surgeons and doctors. It also gives me the opportunity to be trained and to meet some of the greatest skin care educators and skin care brands around the world. I also specialize in more advance skin care treatments such as laser therapy for acne, rosacea, spider veins, sun damage, melasma, laser hair removal, and non invasive laser resurfacing peels. Throughout my day I am also performing advance clinical facials, CO2 therapy, dermaplaning, mild to moderate grade chemical peels, waxing, and microdermabrasion. I do feel that I have a wealth of knowledge and treatment options at my disposal.

    Sadly, even the most well equiped machines can still end up broken at points in their lives, and though I have a lot at my disposal I still suffer from acne prone and hormonally imbalanced skin.

    My struggles started in high school but at the time I really didnt care or seem to notice it. I dont know if it is because it wasnt really that bad or because I just didnt care. Yet, over the past three years I have watched my skin go from worse, to better, to ehh, to bad again. It's a never ending battle and I have tried it all....and as technology and medicine grows I will continue to try even more. My goal is to NOT go on accutane. This is my personal decision and I feel that in order to save my health and my sanity I wont allow myself to go through the therapy.

    So this blog is going to be dedicated to every product, routine, therapy, cream, you name it that I have tried, and currently trying to spark up some conversation and hope among the fellow acne.org community.

    We are all in this together and knowledge is power and I feel that together we can help each other and ourselves