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  1. hey, hate to tell you that you arn't going to see any positive change for a while... probly more than a month or 2. Ive been on a topical acne med for like 3 weeks now... AND i got more pimples today... and so sore! Keep using cetaphil and try to avoid looking in the mirror (So you don't monitor the blemishes like a crazy person) Good luck
  2. A little over 3 months ago i decided to try this ^ long story short my acne headed underground and i began to get cysts... ewwwww Wish this method had worked though!!!!
  3. You sound alot like me. I went on a topical retinoid... but im not too sure of its affects yt.
  4. Im going to see the dr today to talk to her (hopefully) about these affects but i would rather not change how i am taking the medicine untill i talk to her. but you are right, to be honest i think it might be a very high dose as others have commented so perhaps talking to the dr might fix the problem.
  5. Yes, i used it last night and i will use it tonight but i will be going to the dr 2morro morning. (Ill continue using it for the time being, grin and bare it, and see what happens) Thank you and everyone for the support! the information has been an incredible help!
  6. Yeah, im concerned too... but i can't seem to get a hold of her. (im going to see her 2morro tho) im really frustrated.
  7. Well if it is the same as retin a, then 0.05% is very high strength, you may want to reduce to 0.025 or even 0.001% which works just as well but is less irritating. Thats very interesting, my DR prescribed it so i didn't really know the difference... now i do but unfortunately its not an over the counter med so i can't go out and change my doce. Though my partner points out that its a short course so potentualy thats why the doce is so high. (You have however given me somthing to as
  8. I have always used gentle stuff as i am allergic to a few additives normaly found in lotions (Parabins: methyl, ethyl, and benzyl) the only fortunate discovery i have made over the time of using this retinoid is cetaphil... stuff is awsome. Its the fact that the pain has gotten more intense to the point of searing pain thoughout these 3 weeks that led me to worry... and post this topic at 1 in the morning (local time) as i couldn't sleep.
  9. Thanks very much guys, the post on what exactly retinoids do. My DR didn't tell me any of this!! in fact she seemed more convinced that she needed to screw around with my contraceptive pill... even though i went to her for an acne treatment. Does anyone know when the initial breakout will end? Im into my 3rd week of treatment (6week course) so will i need a follow up prescription of the same stuff after the 6 weeks is up or will it stop on its own? (I knew it was a good idea asking you guys!
  10. The instructions given were: First night: 5 min, increase length of dosage untill, on the 6th night, apply for 2 hours. If no redness appears then use over night. i have now been wearing it over night for a bit over a week now. (thank you for your help!)
  11. I beleve it is, it doesn't say on the package though it does say that it has Tretinoin 0.05%
  12. everyone hates their acne... thats why we are all here sharing tips.
  13. i agree with the poster above me ^ (also... your acne is really quite light... i get blackheads, whiteheads and cysts and my acne isn't even severe!!)
  14. Ive only got limited awareness of the many sub variations of accutaine but i will say that the dry eyes are a pain. ive been on a topical treatment for like 3 weeks (out of 6) and im finding the same... my lower eyelids seem to be splitting... but its going to take a few days to know... you are going to need eyedrops: lots of eyedrops... and lip balms. I know about the fear too... im feeling it pretty hard at the moment myself. hang in there and see your DR again if you are really scared: its
  15. Ok, this post was in "introductions" but i am moving it here to see if i get any advice at all... Original post: Hey everyone. Started on a corse of topical Accutaine about 3 weeks ago (ReTrieve) and i have been stalking this site unregistered as you guys have the most advice on the web (according to google anyway) I decided to join today for 2 reasons: 1: To thank all of you for posting so much info! i had no idea about what Accutaine did and how it worked before i found your site! you hav