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  1. hey, I thought I should post an update as to how i'm doing since it's been about a month now. i've been trying the dove sensitive skin body wash and, after a long period of nothing really happening one way or another, things are starting to look up! i'm not completely clear, but i'm pretty close... my skin is almost completely smooth but still blotchy... I assume that will just take care of itself to some extent. i'll update again in another month or so oh yeah, and one other thing that has
  2. hey, i've had a bacne problem for... whoah... I guess a few years now. never bad enough for me to go to the doctor but i've pretty much been trying different things to get rid of it nonstop. I feel like it's really close to leaving me alone but I can never quite get rid of it... right now i'm just using some clinique 0.1% tryclosan soap in the shower every morning. my skin seems to be really sensitive so salycilic acid and things only make it worse. would I be better off foregoing any medic