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  1. Not sure if it is acne or folliculitis. I am guessing folliculitis because it effects my scalp. When i first went to my GP for acne i had cysts on my cheeks and body. Little did i know that it was because of a lactose intolerance and all the whey shakes causing my acne. A month or so after taking the antibiotics i started getting skin coloured bumps on my forehead and spots at the back of my neck. I then took accutane and it cleared it up while on it but 3 weeks after finishing t
  2. I know i cannot believe it myself. That would mean having to go private which will rape my wallet! I'm going to try again on Wednesday as i could only get through to a secretary.
  3. Hey I'm three months into my course, at the end of month the receptionist who was meant to give me a repeat appointment said she'll send me a letter for my appointment in two months. I had the blood test two weeks ago but i still haven't recieved a letter. My last appointment was august 15th and my pills finished last week. After calling monday 10th oct the doctor overseeing the treatment said i'd get a letter in 3 days, i waited a week and have been calling non stop the past coupl
  4. I live in England. I don't want to have to pay for the script then not use it..There's no way i'm going to go through antibiotics again which don't work, atleast with accutane i can be confident..
  5. Hi, after 12 months of antibiotics i finally got my referall to see a derm, my GP prescribed me a stronger antibiotic to take in the meantime but i don't want to use it for various reasons. It aggrevated fungal acne, nausea, making me lose weight, fatigue and tetracycline stained my teeth which has gone since stopping. So, would the GP know if i don't take out the prescription?
  6. I just emailed Dan a suggestion before finding this thread. Bodybuilding.com have found a cheap method that has gotten me ordering from them using United Kingdom's Postal administration and it's delivered by royal mail once it reaches the UK. Hopefully Dan looks into it with success.