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  1. hi tanong ko lang po kung saan ka nakabili ng olay complete for sensitive skin? i triedlook for it at watson's pero wala sila, is it okay to use olay moisturising lotion?

  2. hi, im using the kojic soap for two weeks, did that soap removed your red marks? have you consulted a dermatologist?
  3. hi kuya, :) nagpaconsult ka ba sa dermatologist? did you got acne scars?

  4. beatriz camille ortega


    few of my pictures months ago.
  5. im going through that problem also. maybe it's because of the tretinoin that you've applied on your face, i suggest you to use the ordinary maybelline foundation or pressed powder which is non comodenic, im using it to hide the redness of my face and it looks good for me.