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  1. hi all! =) Every where i here dermatologist say dont pick - but i feel like i want to hear more, like what will happen to the pimple if i dont pick , what will happen to the yellow puss, will it come back???? I dont really have problem skin, but occasionally i get a pimple or two. I usually leave them alone and it feels like a veerrryyy long process- they become yellow, they become big and yellow, they start drying out, they shrink , they leave a bit of a bump or red mark for a few weeks and
  2. hey , sorry I took so long =) im glad your not a picker =) I tried cutting out gluten , wheat , sugar, diary and yeast too, but didn't really notice a differnce, however I noticed a difference when I was eating less =) haha. And realistically I wasn't able to elimanate the food group for more than 2 months, it's really hard becuz my body just started craving that food. Well this is my second water fast , I have never intentionally done it for my skin , however it it definitely makes a big diffe
  3. hi there =) , mm I might be totally wrong although I would really wana share my experience with you =) I had really bad skin for about 3 years or more , and during these 3 years I tried every facial product you can possible think of ( I still have 2 drawers full that i dont use anymore) anyway i was desperate, I bought some really expensive stuff- I was preparred to do anything!! anyway last year i started i diary thing where I would fill in exactly what i ate , when I ate it , what facial produ
  4. Hey can anyone tell me what eft is?? =) anyway i dont believe diary is bad for your skin,,, i have quite a lot these days,,, but i have to say the milk i have is homogenised (however you spell that) today is day 13 for me,,, whoo hooo =) ,,,, this time really feels different to all the times i have stopped before!! i feel like i'm never going to pick again!!!! its like i lost the control over my face and i'm just relaxing!!
  5. hey there before you do anything go to ------stoppickingonme.com ---- you'll find it very helpful!!!!! it really helped me!!! good luck!! let me know how your doing =)
  6. hey how are you doing?? i didnt have internet for i while... I havnt picked since ,,,, yay let me know
  7. hey guys it me... hope u rememver me- i'm so sorry but our computer broke down and i didn't have internet. But i've got great news i haven't picked since!!! and my face is looking great!! just have one pimple coming out but my pores and everything has tremendously lessen =) ,, whooo anyway i almost picked a few days ago , because i was cutting out foods as usual =) - -i've gone months without gluten, months without milk, and just now i was on a no sugar diet, but i dont do this to keep clear, cu
  8. my opinion is to stop picking at them , even if they get clogged--- our body is amazing at taking care of itself--- it doesnt need us to squeeze the puss out!!! so if you just leave it it will 'heal' all by itself!! and never come back,, because everytime you squeeze that pore you disrupt it , so it will come again. You blood stream contains enzymes which is targeted to 'eat' the sebum or puss after a while , it takes a while though, you will see a pimple (unsqueed) that is so ripe and yellow sh
  9. hi there, im 18 and i have the same problem, i find that its not the products or weather , which is what i always thought , but its stress, i have been on the move ( changing countries) for like 3 years almost and since then i started getting some pimples,, but i always thought my face was just breaking out- until i started keeping a journal and then i realized that i'm continously picking my face (even if it was every 4th day, i was picking) I have recently stopped picking for almost a month
  10. hey so far i havnt picked , and face is slowly starting to heal.. for me its the same bad eating causes me to pick,,, especially sugary food. If i eat junk i always start pickin. Thats why i think a diary is helpful-- but i'm just too lazy. Because i feel that junk food drain my energy and then i'm sorta dissapointed that i ate all the crap, which then leads to overaaeting or being grumpy or just simply trying to do something good like "fixing " my face... i dunno but its complicated... its weir
  11. wow good luck,, today is day one for me =) iknow how tempting a pimple can be but just try and keep busy,, and when you do go in the bathroom to wash your face etc,, ALWAYS make sure before hand that you wont pick-- give yourself a pep talk... good luck let me know how you r going =)
  12. Well, i picked so badly this weekend that my face is so itchy!! but so far so good. No picking so far. i covered it all up with makeup today,, so i looked normal,, but i almost couldnt sleep last night- because i was so woried about my face! I want to start i diary and write down all my emotions etc, this way i can figure out what emotions and feelings leads me to pick. O 'yea one thing that does help me is if i constantly remind myself that i can't and shouldnt 'FIX" and control everything incl
  13. hey something that might help is if you put TEA TREE oil on ,, moring and night , but just one drop. I had i similar experience with a pimple/cyst that i squeed the life out- it healed but there was a bump and it had quite a dark colour for a couple of months- till i started using tea tree oil about a month ago,, its almost gone- but i stopped like 2 weeks ago try this i'm sure it will help =) let me know
  14. hey in my opinion you should just leave it alone,, no creams no nothing, if you leave it it might look worts at first , but it will heal our skin takes care of itself- also if you leave it it will heal completely , but if you keep on 'fixing' it , it will just come back etc. so let your skin take care of itself, ps this is very hard for me good luck!! let me know how its going =)
  15. hey there, im also starting over,, was 2weeks without picking and my skin looked great,, but i messed it up this weekend, so i'll be happy to start over with you. I'll be wearing a rubber band from tomorrow. i'll update tomorrow and tell you how day1 went, goodluck =)
  16. hey there i dont have problems with cold sores , but i am a skin picker. . So i reckon we both want to stop. anyway i hav stoped picking fro several days or weeks before, but i always mess up,, i try fixing somethinh ,even a blackhead and then i get totally caried away. i'm starting 2morrow , day 1 of no picking- would u like to join me?
  17. ok i'm definitely in. starting from 2morow i'll be updating!!
  18. i just printed some of the information on the website-- i wana read it all !! =) very intresting!! exactly what i need !! i think we have to learn to observe the whole process of blackhed turning inot a pimple etc WITHOUT attackin the formation , but just observe it with curiosity and intrest!! see how your skin takes care of us!! this is probable my 4the time i'm going to quit!! and i know its my final!! becuz , this time my mind is stronger - i dont want to pick ,,, i refuse to!!! I'm busy so
  19. Thank you so much! Well, I gave in to skin picking yesterday. It was unfortunate. I went to school without makeup, just like I promised myself, but my skin was so dry and flaky (I itched once at the side of my mouth and felt all the flakes), that I ended up scraping off dead flakes all class. I felt terrible about it too. Today I also picked, popping zits etc etc. I haven't had any terrible picking sessions yet. Just the popping and scraping. But I need to stop now or else it's going to head
  20. shit!! i just typed u a really long letter ,, but i dnt kno what i did,, but its gone =( whoopy Anyway i know exactly how you feel and i feel sorry for you!! i know when i pick i get reallu upset at myself ,, i feel dissapointed in myself and i'm irratated and depressed!! but we have to learn to forgive yourselves!! we have to learn to love ourselves!!! even if we do something stupid!! i know its hard ,,, i'm a very cricizing =) ,, but i have to learn to love and forgive myself if i slip up!!
  21. Hehe =) well, HELLO =) you almost made laugh,,- at least say hello! =) I'm glad you are doing good so far ,, normally i can see i big improvement afta 3 days!! well done !!! 2day is day 2 for me!! i have tried quitting a couple of times ,, but this time i have a journal - a believe my picking has a lot of psycological triggers!! and i'm writting on some of these blog so i'm not alone!! =) anyway do you have any tips for me?? anyway i find i stressball usefull and just keeping my mind busy
  22. Thank you! I like all your uses of smiley faces. Yes, I would give 100 bucks! I think we all have. I've probably invested over a thousand in various beauty products (Until I discovered the return policy at Sephora...which lets you use product and you can return it, half empty, if you weren't satisfied. And they give you a full refund!). A stressball hmm? I could give it a shot. I need something to keep my hands busy. Thanks again! Its a pleasure =) Anyway i have tried so many things
  23. hey ivanna! congrats on taking the first step to recovery just journaling and posting on here helped me tremendously. i hope you're doing well on your first day of no picking! i wish i could give you an easy way out but really, it's all will power and it is ultimately a choice to pick. yes, it is psycological and yes, it is a compulsion. but you can chose to fight it. sorry to say this, but its rare to quit right away cold turkey, so don't get too down on yourself if you relapse. we've
  24. Wow Taylor, thank you so much. Yes, slip ups. I can count today as a legitimate "slip-up" I suppose. I was running very late to class, and had no time to put on my makeup, so I ended up going to class without anything on. I didn't really mind because I don't know anyone in my classes, but when I ran home afterward to put makeup on for work, I picked. I popped quite a few zits and squeezed at quite a few pores. Okay, I'm not going to lie, I was meeting up with a guy. A guy I hadn't seen a long
  25. hi there i'm new here =)... anyway i need help too!! i also cant stop picking my skin!! it all started about 2 years ago, my sister is and was always pickin her skin ,, she has really bad acne!! i have never had acne , but i started to create my own!! well, about a week or so ago i stopped picking and i did really well,, until last night!! anyway i believe its a psycological thing!! I am 18 and the last 2 years i havnt been vey happy,, i get depressed sometimes. And yesterday i wasnt really havi