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  1. Oh dear! I am so, so glad I have come to this point with a 100% clear skin!!! I am officially DONE guys!!! I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog since February this year. I went through a lot of stuff in my new job and school, guess so far so good I really don't know what to say, it's been such a positive change to have my skin all cleared up that I no longer think about it anymore, I feel good! and people actually don't beleive I had such a severe acne, only those who met me last year know
  2. Juancolombia


    Hey there, My derm decided to do several micro-dermabrations+miami peelings to fight my acne scars despite my relatively low dose of isotretinoin. I had the first session 2 weeks ago and my skin responded really well to this procedure. At first, my skin turned awfuly red and I felt like I had a bad sunburn x.x, besides, I had read that you shouldnt go through any of these sort of procedures when taking accutane yet my derm suggested it and it has worked wonders, dead skin rapidly peels off an
  3. Juancolombia

    Self-steem booster! Made me more confident and it was actually the only med that actually worked for me... It worked wonders and I wouldn't doubt to take it again if I had to. Low doses in longer periods work amazingly too. In my case, I had a horrible IB even under a low dose Lips get really dry Face skin gets flacky and feels weak Overall skin dries out and it can easily get damaged. Even though I had very severe acne, I went through a low-dose treatment for
  4. Juancolombia

    5 Months Already...

    I know! she seems to know what she is doing though (hopefully lol)btw! I'm from Bogota and I love your city...Nice to meet you and hope your doing alright!
  5. Juancolombia

    5 Months Already...

    Geez, I just forgot about the days I used to think about my skin 90% of the time... o.o I really don't think this med can make you feel depressed...I may have been depressed during the first month but I'm sure it wasn't cause of accutane but because of my serious IB... damn I felt like a piece of sh**tt during that time... However, I believe that going through all that gave me an opportunity to better know myself and get to know there were people around who actually didnt care about the w
  6. .... That's pretty much how I feel about my skin now!! ... I'm sorry I havent posted any updates about my course for over a month, I guess I wasnt experiencing any big changes on my skin until now. Skin condition: I've realised that the feared IB is a relatively serious side effect because it can last from 2 weeks up to the very last day of the whole course depending on each case. in my case, I'm still having some few breakouts even after taking this medicine for 4 months, yet my face has
  7. Juancolombia

    Week 10, day 67

    Hello again! I just got back from my first anti-inflammatory facial...it was ok, didn't hurt too much, my face just got a little too red afterwards... Skin condition: Im still getting pimples everywhere, specially on my forehead and the red spots from previous zits don't seem to fade it kinda sucks cause it's hard to tell whether I still have active acne or not. My cheeks, humm...still the same, pimple, pimple, pimple... My derm said I should get another facial in two weeks to accelerate
  8. Juancolombia

    Just started Accutane

    What dosage are you taking?...sometimes, the higher dose u take, the stronger side effects u are prone to having.I heard you can take B complex while on accutane, that could help.
  9. Juancolombia

    Went to emergicare last night! :(

    Geez, o.o I really hope it aint nothing serious!maybe u'll have to lower your accutane dose for now... good luck!
  10. Hello there! This is me again... I'm officially done with my first set of pills: 20mg every other day. Yeah I know it's a very low dose for my severe case of acne but I guess I kinda understand why I am taking such a low dose... Yesterday I got to visit my derm for the second time and she noticed I havent stopped breaking out ever since I started taking isotretinoin. My cheeks, which used to be clear before Isoface, are full of pimples and red spots and my forehead, which was the affect
  11. Juancolombia

    Week 6, day 40

    Thanks for your comment I really hope it works for you! lemme know! Cheers!
  12. Cada cosa tiene su belleza, pero no todos pueden verla...


    Every little thing has its own beauty, not everyone can see it though...


    1. Juancolombia

      Week 6, day 40

      I'm almost done with my first set of pills! Lots of things have happened during these two weeks... My skin has actually cleared up in certain areas of my face, specially around my temples where I constantly had painful horrible cysts... Inflammation has also reduced around my forehead...Im still getting some big pimples here and there and it's kinda weird because they look very small in the morning but they grow bigger throughout the whole day until I accidentally scratch them and boom! th
    2. Juancolombia

      day 9 with Roaccutane

      åŠ æ²¹ï¼ï¼Think of our goal-----> to have acne-free skin !! and cheer up!!
    3. Juancolombia

      First month! o.o

      Hey there again! Wow, 1st month on this drug and I remember like yesterday I was so eager to start this treatment... Skin condition: fortunately my skin doesn't look as red as it did last week (my worst week so far)...there are some small areas which are clear by now and it's easy to see the scars left behind Also, my face has dried up a lot, it looks flaky specially around the cysts area...it looks so gross that I feel in need of covering them with micropore tape x.x I think I was a