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  1. thanks for the help but how long will this take? and should i still be putting on BP? im a little worried cause my school starts soon and i dont wanna walk in with this bright red face :/
  2. So yesterday was my first day of the regimen. When i put the BP on, it stung alot. Today alot of my pimples seem gone but my entire face is really red like i got really tanned. Its really embarrassing. Should i still do the regimen or wait til my face turns back. Like its really red :/
  3. So i started the regimen yesterday. when i put the bp on, it stung like crazy! today my face is very red and puffy. is this supposed to happen on the first day? and should i still do the regimen this morning?
  4. im also using cetaphil moisturizer cream. will tat work with bp 10%?
  5. Hi. i couldnt order dan's products so i bought it over the counter. i couldnt find a BP 2.5% so i bought a 10%. will this hav the same results?
  6. I cant order Dan's acne products and i really wanted to try this. Do you think itll work the same if i buy it from a store near by? I also just recently started getting pimples at 14. I tried lots of stuff and didn't work. :[[ im hoping the regimen will work. THANKS
  7. hey guys. im new to here and sorta confused but im curious about something. first off, im 15 and i started getting acne around 14 years old. ive been embarrassed to show my face since. its not severe but its noticable. ive tried lots of things. and i tried using lemon juice topically before i slept. its been around 8 days since i started using it. the amount of my acne is the same but alot of my blackheads went away. recently lots of bumps or pimples came out. im wondering if this is helping me