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  1. What does your retinoid feel like on your face? I use the Tazorac 0.01% gel on my oily skin and it feels like it just sits on top of my skin even after I've rubbed it in. Is it supposed to "sink" into your skin like other products do? I've tried to apply it about 3 hours before sleeping because I've noticed my pillow has absorbed it when I lay on my side. Unfortunately, it feels the same on my face after at least 3 hours as when I first put it on. Anybody have the same feelings I do? Please sa
  2. That sounds great! While using a medicated face wash won't treat acne, make sure your facial cleanser also doesn't have ingredients like menthol. It may feel tingly and really cool, but it's actually doing damage to the skin below the surface. As long as you are getting good results and are not irritating your skin, keep going with your routine! :)
  3. I read some very beneficial common sense advice about face washes with BP or SA. They can't improve acne very much because it's only touching the skin for such a short time. I would say skip the SA wash and instead use a basic and gentle wash. If you want to use SA and Tazorac (I'm doing this as well), apply an SA gel (I really like Neutrogena 3-in-1 Acne Treatment, it's cheap!), wait 30 minutes, apply Tazorac, wait again, then your moisturizer. Hope you see this and hope I have helped at all!