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  1. just popped up

    Helped scars Considering returning to internal consumption at a much higher dose, to measure it's benefits. Internally did very little the first time round (I took 1600iu a day for around 3 1/2 months) I'm reviewing this because I'm reading the same thing over and over and I think it's quite baffling. For some people, yes, popping the capsules and putting it's content on your face will be fine, but more likely the majority of you are going to break out. Why? Not because vitamin E oil is co
  2. That's evil! If she'd exploded with acne and got really upset about it, and felt all the shit things we do about our bad skin, I hope you could've dealt with the guilt...
  3. Hi guys, I don't suppose you are using anything in conjunction with Differin? I'm on day 6, I think I have like 3 new spots. Quite big actually. Thing is, should I pull out right now and wait? I have a festival in 3 weeks so if that's going to be my initial breakout I'll pull out for now. But I've been using duac for about 2 months and still am, now both morning and evening, and Lymecycline. Do you think I will still break out? Hi guys, I don't suppose you are using anything in conjuncti
  4. PLEASE give me a little advice on I.B.!! I've searched the message boards, but I'm still unsure. In a nut shell I've been on duac and lymeciclyn (tetricylin) for 2 months. No effect, so the doctor has put me on Differin as well, and duac now twice a day AND the antibiotics. My Acne is on the lighter side of moderate but stubborn. What are the odd's I'll still get an initial breakout?? Please please advice me if you can help, I would REALLY appreciate it!
  5. Anti-depressent's caused my Acne - VERY VERY QUICKLY. I went from normal, teenage skin to moderately severe acne within about 2 weeks. I came off the anti-depressants almost immediately and the acne remained, stubbornly. It's been about a year, I was clear for 4 months within that but it returned. This is obviously not the case for everyone, I'm not in any way shape or form trying to say it is. I also understand how difficult it is to make the decision to go on anti-depressants and you need all
  6. Sorry to greeneyes, that was such a moody post. Honestly, just a bad mood nothing intended I'm sure your a very lovely, beautiful and humble person. Lots of luck, everyone. x
  7. ...basically destroyed my hopes a tad. I doubt anyone will read this, I haven't gathered how to grab viewers attention just yet haha. I just feel like shit man. Real end of my teather, bottom of the shit pile low. Just a drop in the ocean on this website, I'm sure... Sorry to winge. Good luck everyone. x
  8. Not the most humble post I've ever seen, I'm not going to lie.
  9. just popped up

    - I'm staying hopeful... - Mild improvement (Very mild indeed) - First course completely cleared my skin for about 4 months after treatment - FREE ( NHS doing us all proud.) - Very bad IBS - Bloating (Due to IBS) - Diarrhea - Nausea - Stomach pains - Yellowing teeth I'm considering stopping this course of antibiotics, but I'm very very scared that stopping half way through the course (I'm at about 5 weeks) will just cause intense acne breakouts.
  10. I read a very simmilar post in the olive oil forum thingy (search olive oil or EVOO in the search box). Pretty much said for most people it works, but for a few it's caused break outs or a rash as you've described. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I'm giving it a bit of a go atm, but I'm just occasionally washing my face with it, after a cleanser (so I'm not trapping any dirt) and then followed by an exfoliater to get it off. Very soft, clean and non chemically feeling after. But I just feel
  11. hahaha it's such a bitch. Healthy eating regime for me tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  12. I think this is a really good idea, but the name just cracks me up cause it sounds well pedo. No offence, it was funny. I'm in manchester UK, wouldn't mind knocking up a bit of a support meeting. Thanks for the idea. I think this is a really good idea, but the name just cracks me up cause it sounds well pedo. No offence, it was funny. I'm in manchester UK, wouldn't mind knocking up a bit of a support meeting. Thanks for the idea.
    - Non drying (within reason.) I found that using a moisturizer about a half hour after application for the first week or so helped my skin get used to Duac, and now I don't have to. - Slowed rapidly re-appearing acne. - Free, but so is everything because England is a don country. - Didn't do much... Sorry to do this guys! No one likes a bad review. I do think this product has a bit going for it, it's fairly gentle and I'm sure for anyone with light acne it would work, but for me Duac
  13. just popped up

    Not entirely clear None whatsoever There are a couple of reasons that cause the "pros" of my personal experience with flaxseed is not entirely clear; firstly, I have only been using it for 2 weeks, and secondly I am using it in conjunction with so many other skin care products it would simply be imposable to decipher what it was causing the improvement. However, there is a DEFINITE improvement. Until about 2 months ago I had no real problems with spots whatsoever - however a short way int