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  1. When did you face start clearing??? I'm on week 15 and breaking out terrible too!!
  2. Did you ever find a solution? 5 months postpartum and I am struggling even though I am not breastfeeding!
  3. Please keep me updated on how spiro works! Ive had acne basically my whole life and now im pregnant and dealing with it im thinking of starting spironolactone after the baby if it doesnt clear up on its own!!! Carpemomentum have you noticed your skin being even better with berberine?? Ive heard it is a natural antimicrobial so im thinking it could help me!
  4. What happened when you used spironolactone?? Why didnt you like it and how long were you on it???
  5. Hello... looking into starting spironolactone after i have my baby. I have hasimotos and hypothyroidism and was on armour thyroid but recently switched to wp thyroid... green gables would you say the armour has increased your acne??? I think it was causing me to breakout.... and im wondering if spiro can counteract tht side effect of the thyroid meds!!!
  6. Has the spiro made any difference at all in your skin?? And did you experience an i itial breakout when starting the spiro. ?
  7. Did you stop the spiro as well?? Do you think it waa the birth control or spiro making the acne worse??
  8. Tracy i sww your comment on another post... do you still use spiro for your acne? How long and how well does it work for you? R u on birth control as well?