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  1. Before a meal or after? How much can the body digest at once?
  2. yep.. i already eat really healthy... lots of fiber in the morn... what about the rest of the day? Cant eat fiber all day!
  3. not that simple. acne will come back if i do. And I take it with food too.
  4. so either look like shit, cause of the pimples, or look like shit literally...tough one.
  5. Hey all, Im selling my urine. 20 bucks for 2 ounces!
  6. ubah- will you keep us posted? Im guessing that once a lot of people dont have acne, they dont browse the boards as much. Maybe you can just keep us updated on how you are doing-hopefully it the effects will be different for you and me than everyone else. At least I hope so.
  7. ubah- I completely understand your thought... Whe I say "wearing out" I dont mean that the body is becoming immune to the actual vitamin. I understand the body cannot become immune to b5... But you certainly cant ignore the fact that its just a ticking time bomb before acne comes right back again. This is the general consensus of the users of b5 that ive heard is that B5 is very effective but no matter what, even after continuous use of b5, eventually acne comes back regardless, sometimes even
  8. so according to what you said- no matter what, your fighting the dimishing effects of b5, which is my point in the first place... After awhile, your bound to run out of options... And the only way to fight it is to have acne come back anyway... doesnt seem like a very good way to fight acne....