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  1. eating sea salt to cure acne is ridiculous...Nothing you eat or do not eat causes acne....Just stick to the regimen folks its really quite simple...
  2. I like to think of it this way, if you have mild, moderate or severe scarring, there is hope for improvement with the proper treatment. Its never going to be perfect but improvement is definitely possible. As for how much improvement can be gained every person is different so unless you try it you will never know. I think improvements can be achieved through derma rolling, I only do 1.0mm needles maybe once every 2 weeks or so, I also use copper peptides and i did a 12.5% tca peel once..i wa
  3. tony french

    skin grafting

    well usually the dr takes the hair from the back of your head (behind the ear is where the hair is softest), cost all depends on how many grafts you need, i cant quote on exact price but at least $500
  4. tony french


    shambam did you ever try dans regimen?
  5. tony french

    Need advice

    looks like rolling scars to me, I have something similar, lately i have been trying to get rid of them by derma rolling, and using topicals such as retin a, copper peptides and vitamin c serum, and i will also be doing a 12.5% chemical peel soon. Im thinking for visible results its going to take 6 months or so..
  6. tony french

    skin grafting

  7. tony french

    derma rolling and vitamin c

    well when you go to a clinic they usually press very hard and draw a lot of blood, the harder you push the faster collagen will be produced. When you push harder you get more blood and usually use longer needles it takes longer to heal and you wont end up rolling as often... however my theory is to push lightly and roll more often. I roll once a week...Its really personal preference, you simply have to listen to your skin, slow and steady wins the race in my opinion..
  8. tony french

    derma rolling and vitamin c

    ok so about a week ago i derma rolled for the second time and applied retin-A micro right after and 2 days later i had quite flaky skin and used a lot of moisturizer then the next day my skin looked better than it has in ages. So now just today i rolled again (1.0mm) needles, drawing only a small amount of blood and applied a homemade vitamin C serum (ascorbic acid and water) immediately afterward and let me tell you it burns like a motherfu*ker!! I must say it was the most intense burning sensa
  9. tony french

    weird rash while on regimen

    yes take a day off of bp and focus on moisturizing.....i was on the regimen for over 2 months and it was working great until one day i started getting real itchy and red in some spots, i stopped treatment of these areas to only once every 2 days and eventually things went back to normal...Its like all of a sudden i developed a sensitivity to bp and i thought i may have to go off of it, but I stayed the course and all is fine now. I find that bp twice a day is to much for me especially now that
  10. tony french

    skin grafting

    actually he is a very skilled plastic surgeon, he just doesnt do scar revision on the type of scar I have
  11. tony french

    derma rolling and vitamin c

    Has anyone used a homemade vitamin c serum (ascorbic acid and water mixture) on their face right after derma rolling? Is this recommended, I know it will burn but does it do damage? thanks
  12. tony french

    New to the scars forum, DKR user for 6+ months

    the only risk i have heard about with the derma roller is you have to make sure it is clean and disinfected with alcohol or peroxide before each so as to lower the chance of infection. And you want to make sure the needles on the roller are surgical still and that none are damaged or they could tear your skin potentially causing trouble, and you want to make sure you always roll in a straight line up down, left right, diagonal...dont push to hard to start and it really is quite safe...
  13. tony french

    skin grafting

    no the mole wasn't that big but i had it removed due to shaving issues but now the scar is twice as big as the mole ever was, very lame i know...my plastic surgeon said it was to big for him to handle but I guess some other doctor could prolly excise it successfully, it may be something i will look at further down the road, I had one pin prick scar on the bridge of my nose which bothered me, the one my local doc made bigger, right between my eyes i later had it excised by a different dr and he
  14. tony french

    skin grafting

    actually i have a scar on my chin from a mole removal on my chin but i took the stitches out too early and it ended up opening on me causing tons of blood spillage and a trip to the emergency room...now the scar is quite wide and long.....Luckily it is quite flat and not very discoloured and it is in my beard area. I actually had micro hair grafting put into it so it blends better...anyways its now too big for subcision and also not in a conducive spot for that type of surgery and it is quite d
  15. yup, ablative, I smelled burnt flesh afterwards, this was done by one of the best plastic surgeons in my city and im sure he thought, oh just a little pinprick no problem, but he made it worse cause really he is an idiot and didn't give a fuck about what happened to me......Some people dont realize that finding a good surgeon is like finding a good car you got to shop around and not settle on some piece of shit who is just stamping their time card and collecting their cheque...I now take a plane