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  1. stop sending me comments troll, and we will keep banning your alt accounts.

    1. Can't believe your derm prescribed you accutane for just a few blackheads. This happens way more than people realize too.
    2. Taking accutane IS like running out on a six lane highway
    3. OP: You're crazy man hardly anyone gets these side effects!
    4. lol, you keep mentioning that i didn't say how i cured my cystic acne. No, it's not some big secret i cured it by taking casein out of my diet. People that love accutane don't believe in simple cures like changing diet so why should i bother mentioning it. They take accutane so they can keep stuffing their faces with junk food and dairy products and still have clear skin. Oh..and accutane nearly ruined the life of my closest friend so yes i do have a reason to be angry.
    5. Better take accutane, everyone else that has 2 pimples recommends accutane.
    6. I just love how all you people who didn't have side effects make fun of and discredit those who did! Just because you weren't affected negatively doesn't mean all those who were, are crazy lunatics.
    7. Everything i post you just discredit /make fun of. Makes you look like the ignorant one.
    8. Makes me wonder how long women need to wait after accutane in order to get pregnant safely. pretty scary.
    9. http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/accutane-laws...-pile-up-13292/
    10. http://philadelphia.injuryboard.com/fda-an...googleid=284746 "A Roche Holding AG (formerly Hoffman-La Roche) executive stated that the company knew of Accutane's serious side-effects as early as 1978. In light of this admission, claimants that may not have been able to bring suit, may have the ability to do so now."
    11. he's crazy right guys..he's crazy it's not the accutane, it never is!
    12. OP - i don't suppose you are going to read this, but i agree with you about the telomere shortening effect! you are not crazy.
    13. This drug affects the sebaceous glands on your entire body, not just your face. Some of the non-haired areas they are found is eyelids, nose, penis, labia minora, and nipples even your tear ducts are a specialized form of sebaceous gland. Lots of guys/girls on here complain of dry vagina/ tip of penis, well that's because it is affecting the sebaceous glands found there. I have heard complaints of people getting styes and that is also an infection of the sebaceous glands at the base of the e