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  1. My ex-boyfriend said, "You're a pocked faced bitch." Very nice, very nice. Well, he's still single and I'm married now, haha. Also, after the birth of my son, when I have no makeup on, my Doctor says, "What happened to your face?! It didn't look like that before." Well, duh, I was wearing makeup and just didn't have anytime to slap some on after having my baby. I really felt like slapping him. Also, small children always have to ask when I'm not made-up, "What are all those red dots
  2. I try so hard not to sleep on my right side and also do the pillow thing to stop me, but rarely does it work and all my acne is located on the right side of my face. My left side always has almost no acne and all the scaring from cystic acne is on my right cheek. I've also found that I talk on the phone using my right ear also and have had three cyst like pimples, two on my chin and one on my cheek/temple area that just keep filling up after they go away for awhile. I try to keep my pillow c
  3. Okay, I finally looked at the bottle so I can tell everyone that this foundation is safe. It says fragrance free and oil free also on the bottle and that this foundation won an award from Allure magazine Reader's Choice Award as being the best foundation. I recommend this stuff all the time and wear it, also. I used to wear whatever Maybelline powder I liked over this stuff but lately I've been using Revlon New Complexion Powder and I recall alot of shades. This powder says that it doesn't
  4. I like the Revlon Colorstay in the original bottle with 6spf. It's oil free and covers up almost anything. I just tried it with a foundation brush and it lays on so smooth. Before I was using a damp cosmetic sponge but the brush seems to make it feel lighter, yet I'm still getting the coverage. My foundation brush is taklon so it can be rinsed clean after eash use which is also a plus. Revlon also has a powder, New Complexion Powder it's supposed to be Oil Free also. Just purchased this in Even
  5. Since nobody mentioned these ones: http://www.vasanticosmetics.com/products/face_base.asp Vasanti- I always think this makeup looks interesting for darker yellow based ladies. I noticed it comes in a compact with a sponge and isn't a liquid, so that might not be what u are looking for, but the prices look good. You have to convert them from Canadian to US, or so on. Aromaleigh-they have some deeper shades of yellow which might work for you, anyway just something for you to think abou
  6. Ritzvin wrote: yeah. If you notice that your skin gets oily during the day, the general consensus on aromaleigh's forum is that using a PC/PP mix instead of 100% PC pretty much fixes that. I've been meaning to order some PP for a while now. I didn't realize so many people read that forum over here also. That's the best place for learning how to apply this makeup. Especially if you are having a hard time with finding your foundation match, applying or coverage issues, those ladies over ther
  7. njinco1- Hi, I am currently using mostly Aromaleigh but haven't found much success with the blushes, but that's just me and it might be I just haven't found the right tool to apply them with, is all. My skin has improved at least by 50% since I've been using Aromaleigh. Before that, I would use Colorstay only on the days I wanted to go out and my skin certainly paid for it!! I am just about ready to throw away my old Colorstay now!! In fact, I just place a $200 order and got two more kabukis (w
  8. Hi, I just recently purchased and used both the regular Colorstay and Colorstay Natural foundation to see if I would like the new one better. I liked the consistentcy of the Natural better, but it also has more sunscreen (15spf) in it compared to the regular colorstay foundation (6spf). The natural seemed to break me out a little and I think it was from the sunscreen, so beware if you are allergic to that sort of thing. (I might wear it again if I go outside in bright sun since the sun plays c
  9. Thought I would help you vent I also agree with hating wearing makeup!! I could almost be a makeup artist with the way I cover up my acne and have actually covered up black eyes for peope!! BUT, lately I don't want to wear makeup anymore. When people see me without it, they really stare at me because it's such a change from my "Made Up" look. The worst for me, since I'm a stay at home mom is when people drop by and I'm not wearing any makeup. Honestly, I want to run and slap makeup on but I fe
  10. Thanks for the insight. I was also wondering what ages you are since I'm 28 and have tried and tried to get rid of my acne since age 13. Being older now my skin isn't healing as easily and the scars are starting to be more noticeable. I've been working on making a case to my doctor for why I want to try spironaldactone. I beleive my acne is hormonal because most of it is along my jawline and cheeks and I have one persistent one at the corner of my mouth. I know those are supposed to be signs, m
  11. Hi, I'm just curious if anybody out there has been on this medication for their acne and if it helped/side effects/whatever u can basically tell me, I would appreciate so much. I am considering asking for this medication and have searched the web and been reading, but would like to hear from real people what they think also.
  12. http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jht...81&CATID=100310 I noticed a few people were looking for this product in Canada. I personally get mine at Walmart (I live very close to Canada, BTW) I found that the Walgreen's online store carries it and has several locations in Canada so all who were looking for it might wanna check there. HTH, Amy
  13. Hi, I have to jump in here and say I used this when I was a teenager (I'm 28 now) and now remember how great it really works since I've just purchased it again! I can't believe it's still less that $3 at Walmart. It works well as a spot treatment and helped to smooth out all the little bumps on my face that I used to be tempted to pick at. It makes me almost excited to get up in the morning. It smells pretty good and doesn't irritate my skin so I would definitely recommend people to try this. I
  14. Hi, you sound about as makeup addicted as I am! I used to swear by the Colorstay (NUDE, so we are similar in coloring) foundation but grew tired of piling it on all the time, thought I could find something different. So I have since switched around a bit with Lancome Maquicontrole. I've just gotten into Aromaleigh and some Bare Escentuals. (Personally, I like Aromaleigh better because you get alot of product for less money and they don't make you look shiny like BE) Also, if you are into eyesh