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  1. I had to stop taking Solodyn because I had a major allergic reaction that included hives all over my body and swollen hands which was pretty painful. I have stuck with the Epiduo and my derm prescribed me Clindimyacin (spelling?) topical to use twice a day. At first, when I picked it up at the pharmacy (5 bucks) I was like, "WHAT?!!" It basically smells like alcohol but I gave it a shot anyway. I'm actually also using Proactiv right now so I only use the Clindimyacin and Epiduo at night about a
  2. Yes, beware of Solodyn. I ususally have no side effects when taking any antibiotics but this was a whole other thing. I took Solodyn for about 10 days and began feeling itchy during the middle of the day. By the end of the evening, my arms neck and torso had broken out into a rash and red spots. When Iwoke up the next morning, my lower lip was numb, I had swelling in my hands and my elbow joints were aching. I went back to my dermatologist, who sucks and she prescribed me a steroid and antihista
  3. I am on antibiotics as well as Epiduo gel (at night only). Can I replace Dan's BP with the Epiduo gel when doing my nightly regiment since both are 2.5%?
  4. Hey Paranoid, I'm starting in on my second week of Epiduo and Solodyn. When I put on the Epiduo, initially there is some redness but then it goes away. I'm experiencing some dryness at the moment and I have a couple of bumps but I'm assuming that's what's being pushed out. One week ago I had like 15 bumps on the lower part of my face and jaw and they have just about smoothed out. I look forward to seeing results at the end of this week. How's it going for you?
  5. I use Purity by Philosophy. I am on Solodyn and Epiduo gel at night so I don't use anything medicated in the morning.
  6. I agree that the majority of the time, harsh chemicals are a no-go. They really just irritate the skin and cause more breakouts, I think. I was a reservist in the Marine Corps and during the 3 months of training, you're not really given a good amount of time to care for your skin so I stuck to a very simple routine and it worked fine. Unfortunately, my acne is hereditary so I do have to use medication to clear up my breakouts. For those of you dealing with scarring or pigmentation, I've mentione
  7. No, no, no.....no tanning. What I suggest is a nightly retinol treatment from Philosophy. You can go on their website or Sephora. It's called Help Me. You won't get immediate results but you will in at least a month of usage and a little goes a long way. The tube runs about 45 bucks but it is definitely worth it. I had alot of post acne scars and it smoothed them out and my spots are practically gone.
  8. I'm three days in on using Epiduo gel once everyday at night as well as Solodyn ER 115mg. I am waiting for my acne.org regimen to come in so I can use that in the morning but right now I use a lovely cleanser called Purity by Philosophy. I am doing well so far; my skin isn't all that dry and the horrendous bumps on my jaw are much smaller and don't even hurt anymore when I wash. I've read alot on here about how the Epiduo burns but I have had no issues. I definitely reccomend it but as always, y
  9. I was just prescribed Epiduo gel and Solodyn ER 115 MG. I am only a couple of days in. I take the Solodyn once a day( it's the slow release capsule) and the Epiduo is applied only at night. I don't know if it's wishful thinking or what but I can already see and feel a difference. My acne is mainly on the lower half of my face and I get painful nodules on my jaw which take forever to clear. Today, after just my first dose of Solodyn and Epiduo gel (which didn't sting or burn for me) the bumps are
  10. Today I was prescribed Solodyn ER 115 MG along with Epiduo gel. I'm 29 and have been struggling with acne since I got into my twenties which I never understood. My dermatologist also recommended Accutane but only as a last resort so I'm hoping this combo does good for me. My acne effects mainly my jaw and lower half of my face and it seems every year, I'll clear up and then all of a sudden I get these terrible breakouts that take an eternity to clear. I'll let you know how it goes and has anyon
  11. I feel your pain. I actually just ordered the regimen from here and I'm extremely nervous about how my skin will react to it. I've tried everything from Murad to Proactiv to Clinique Acne Solutions and every over the counter remedy. The Murad and Proactiv worked for me but unfortunately my skin becomes accustomed after awhile and I have to switch to something new. Right now I've decided to see a dermatologist who I'm hoping will prescribe me something orally for my breakouts. Pills work best for