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  1. I did this. After your treatment your skin is very sensitive to sun so you have to stay in the house for a couple of days. After a couple of months I was clear but then broke out even worse. Then I had to use accutane and have been pretty clear ever since with little breakouts here and there. Sucks though, this week i have one huge cyst. Its been here for 4 days and hasnt peeked yet. The rest of my face is clear though btw.. I think i went in for 4 treatments as well and they make you put on a
  2. Do you guys think Im able to get the cortizone shot while its still red?
  3. Will Neosporin really help? You think it will go down by tomorrow with it?
  4. Ok I have something to do tomorrow and going out is pretty embarassing because the rest of my face is pretty clear except for this one huge bump on my face and its all red. It looks like I been hit in the face. When it was starting out, about 3 days ago, I put toothpaste over it and a bandaid. That night, i took it off and it started to pus out so i tried squeezing it and blood and clear pus came out. I thought i would be done with it and would go down from there. The next day a scab came up and
  5. currently taking Creatine Ethyl Esther (cee) from TP whey protein that uses splenda(from costco) green tea extract arginine/ornithine/lysine stack fish oil glucosamine ephedrine/caffeine stack tyrosine i am on a cutting phase. workout 3 times a week chest/triceps legs/abs/obliques back/shoulders/biceps by the way guys, GLUTAMINE is useless unless takin in at high dosages which cost alot of money. So dont fall into that stuff, also avoid Muscle Tech products which rip off people wit
  6. This is not very good advice. The amount of protein you need to take in is not an absolute value, but rather it is based on your LBM. Get AT LEAST 1g of protein/lb of bodyweight. 100gs of protein is only sufficient if your LBM is 100lbs. Also, there is no need to buy whey protein, you can get sufficient protein from your diet. I get about 250gs of protein without taking whey. Think tuna, chicken, cottage cheese, nuts, etc. And make sure you get CARBS before and after your workout. It is i
  7. ....of course u can..You can mix it with anything.. but itd probably taste nasty without using milk. Muscle milk has ALOT of sugar so watch out, itll make you fat
  8. you wanna bulk?? Keep your reps around 8 - 10 range, then once you get the form go for 4 - 6 reps heavy and about 3 - 5 sets. Give each muscle 3 days to rest... i give each of my muscles 1 week though. i suggest you do DC type training which is adding in cardio WITH the lifting and eating all you want. Research HIIT training, which is a very efficient form of cardio that will be short but intense. Thats how you should lift also, short but full of intensity. 100 grams of protein is all you reall
  9. ok this is like me 5th month on accutane, and i was on creatine a month ago. Im waiting another week before i take it again because i just cycled it. Well the creatine i use has a combination of dextrose and carbs for the insulin spike that you are talking about, so you do have to buy any gatorade or grape juice or w/e. So far its been good for me, but im kind of scared to take it when im done with accutane, hopefully i dont break out. But if you are stil on accutane, it should be fine, because
  10. december_tk ... no your expectations aren't too high.. thats probably whats going to happen, well at least for me... but you mght have a alittle break but itll go away fast. I was like you.. and hoped all the pimples and stuff would go away and red marks would be ok bcause ill deal with that later. But, the redmarks look HORRIBLE. for me at least. Thats because i had acne all over my face....ALL OVER. But for you.. might be different, goodluck
  11. DAM!!!! MY FACE IS LOOKIN A SHITLOAD BETTER!!! the redmarks still suck ass though!! but damm, i wish i had gone on accutane earlier... wow, the breakout... i HOPE i had the breakout already, if that was it, it wasnt that bad . Yea, my skin was sooooo rough, with acne, now its like.... so much smoother. Hope everything keeps getting better.