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  1. Ok, those of you that are alone, you are alone not becuase of your acne. Have you ever met someone with acne that doesn't care? If you look down upon yourself then so will others. You should go about your lives as if everyone has acne, many, many people do. If not acne then they break out. We all get bumps, don't let bad skin keep you from anything. If the guy/girl you like isn't interested then find someone else. There is someone for each and everyone of us, its our confidence levels/att
  2. I've been using Dan's BP for over a year. He says to use three pumps, I only use one during the day and two at night before bed. During the day I also use Vasaline lotion with B5 added. I honeslty do not need the lotion but its more for repair and to help get rid of the redness, but the BP does work and you MUST use it everyday. If you forget one day then just get back on schedule and you'll be fine. Its not a CURE, but it will clear you up. I use it and I know it works. Just be careful a
  3. Totally agree, no one is perfect! I can honestly say that I have never been out with anyone that has acne before. I have met a few ladies that were really nice and I liked them because of their personalities, but never went out with them, no becuase of the acne, but becuase I was already pre-occupied with someone else. Acne doesn't make you a GOOD person, it just reminds you that your human thats all. Everyone breaks out at some point in their life and some overreact like its a plague or some
  4. I have to say it all depends on the girl and exactly how bad her acne is. I don't wish acne on anyone and I think alot of people are realy ignorate of what actaully causes acne. I've talked to people when I was younger that thought I just needed to wash my face more. That told me they had no clue.
  5. Hi, I've been reading through this thread and there seems to be alot of questions about it. I just recently bought a book called, "Your Own Perfect Medicine" by Martha M Christy and it states that if you drink it there are some detoxifying symptoms like headache, nausea, diarrhea, tiredness, or skin rashes. These symptons normally disappear within 24-36 hours. By starting with a few small drops you may avoid or lesson the severity of the detoxification. Also, a daily maintenance dose is usua
  6. Honesty is the best policy. Just tell him your not interested, but do it just between you and him. So you don't like turn him down in front of everyone and shows you don't want to hurt his feelings. Good luck!
  7. Sounds to me like someone is a little depressed. Maybe you need to talk to someone? You can add your feelings to the post? We would love to hear them.
  8. This is just me, but if I were in your situation; the next guy that made fun of me would get his butt kicked. I had acne in Highschool, too. No one ever said anything to me about it. I never went after the prettiest girls and I didn't let people get to me. Now being in the real world, its like no one even cares that you have acne. Dating still sucks but no one bothers me. I have since found a way to somewhat deal with my acne, so dating has definatly gotten better. Everything is the way i
  9. I'm sorry that this is happening to you. As for your friends and family, tell them how it makes you feel. You should be close enough to them to be able to tell them how you feel. They will stop if they care, which they should. I'm a guy and I can relate to you. I have always been told that I am very hansom. Anyway over the last couple years my acne has been almost out of control and I have gotten depressed over it cause, similar to your situation, girls just look right through me. It hurt
  10. I have to agree with everyone that has posted. You have to remember your not alone. I know that it seems as though no one knows what your going through; especially if they do not have our problem. Your face doesn't represent the person inside though; love and accept yourself. I'm not saying to just give up, but accept that you have acne and handle it the best you can. One day you'll find what works. Cheycheyenne, your profile pic is very pretty and I'm not trying to make you feel good, you
  11. Ok, I've been using Dan's BP for about three weeks. My face was shiny for a little while but now it looks normal. Don't stop using it; your face will eventually adapt to it. I was going to stop using cause it made my face shiny but I think I would rather have a shiny face then bumps all over. It has worked for me, I am free and clear right now, I use it twice a day. No washing in between or touching face at all. Get away from touching or picky at your face. Don't even put your hands on y
  12. Here is what I did, and my acne is completly gone. I started using proactive and it dried my face out pretty bad, but it helped so I kept using it till it ran out. I reordered, still haven't received it after almost two weeks, but anyway I needed something in the mean time. So I ordered the BP from this site, the big bottle, and I went to Walmart and bought Neutrogena, MEN, invigorating face wash. Its found near the shaving cream. I wash with this twice a day and apply the BP after washing
  13. Wow, that seems like a lot, but if it helps then its worth a try. Thanks for the info.
  14. How do you go without letting water touch your face? Do you bath instead of shower, and when you wash your hair how do you keep the water off your face? I'm just asking cause I may try this. I guess what I'm asking is, during this regiment, are you completely leaving your face along? No washing, rinsing, wiping nothing? I have never heard of this before, mind filling me in?