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  1. Personal anectodal experience: Ive always been super skinny with a very fast metabolism Currently Im 5 foot 8 inches, 140 lbs, low bodyfat Im on Accutane now so I can each pretty much whatever without breaking out or getting oily skin But when Im not on the drug I break out extremely easily from food -- just eating a lot of calories in general, even from healthy food can still break me out, but I break out easily from all the common acne foods: sugar, dairy, etc Before I was really into liftin
  2. im positive theres a correlation sure there are loads of skinny ppl who have clear skin and some fat people who have acne but im almost certain there are more skinny people with acne then there are fat people with acne
  3. theres lots of fat people out there whos diet consists of ice cream, chips, cookies, soda, not a single pimple but skinny people out there with perfect diets, still breakout
  4. I feel utterly trapped. Trapped in my own mind, trapped in my own body, a prisoner in my own skin. Not only that, but I'm also incarcerated in this place I call "home", surrounded by people that remind me more of Nazi guards than family members. To make it a thousand times worse I also have a crippling phobia of sunlight -- heliophobia. Heliophobia which was brought on by dark acne marks and dark sun marks and a desperate desire to not make them any worse. This phobia has gotten so bad I now put
  5. yo op i feel the same way as you this shit just never seems to end no matter how long or no matter how hard i try but we cant give up we gotta still keep pushing cuz theres nothing else worth doing you and i know well that were not gonna kill ourselves - were too much of pussies to do that, so what do we do? just ignore the problem and continue to rot and decay fuck that ill be a man and face em even tho there scary and frustrating and depressing cuz its the only right thing worth doing anymore
  6. me too op im fucking pissed and angry and frustrated and depressed right now goddamn it im sick of everything im sick of this skin shit controlling my goddamn mind goddamn sick of the interfuckingwebz fuck fuck fuck shit everything pissing the fuck out of me i wanna punch a mirror or something
  7. gave me more self-discipline, patience, perspective, etc.
  8. I've only been using it for 3 nights now and my marks have already improved noticeably i had been on 4% hydroquinone cream before, using it every night for like 1 -1.5 months straight i noticed some improvement but it was still very slow
  9. Yea, acne and scarring and marks are a fucking bitch i got no acne but those fukers left me with a lot of dark marks have controled my life, i am puppet to my anxiety and fear and insecurity
  10. Shit sucks yo But there are still healthy alternatives to junk/sweet food that can still taste good and be healthy and not break you out Certain fruits, for example -- can satiate sweet tooth and not break you out so long as you don't eat too much Almond milk in replace of cow's milk etc. etc. in the end I suppose it's just a matter of self discipline
  11. all you need to stay clear for lyfe - do a course or 2 of accutane - once off cleanse and exfoliate your face at least once a day - avoid dairy and sugar - sleep well, manage stress that's it