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  1. There are already a lot of responses to this but I wanted to give my input. I have been on the Regimen for 3 months and stopped as soon as I was clear. I only used one pump of BP the whole time I was on the regimen and once I was completely clear, I slowly decreased my BP dose each week. I have heard that some people cannot get off the Regimen so I guess I got lucky. I do not believe in relying on a product "forever." Hope this helps!
  2. That should be fine! I was still able to clear my acne through the Regimen even though I usually did the Regimen about 7-8 hrs apart.
  3. I feel your pain and I only used 1 pump of BP the whole time I was on the Regimen! I had to buy all new make up and face products that was made for dry skin people because all the things I had were aimed towards oily skin. My dryness lasted throughout the whole time I was on the Regimen but my flakiness stopped after two months. I have stopped using the Regimen (I don't believe in being dependent on a product) and my skin is now back to its oily self. I have never been happier to have oily skin
  4. What really helped me with the flakiness was massaging jojoba oil on my face while I was in the (warm) shower. Then I would use a towel to gently wipe the flakes off. I think there is a more specific step by step thing about it somewhere on this forum but its pretty easy to do. Hope it helps!
  5. Personally, I do not believe in relying on a product "forever." It's probably because my skin gets used to products and it stops working. I stopped using the Regimen after it cleared me up (3 months). I decreased the BP very slowly (I only used one pump of BP while I was on the Regimen anyway so it was not that hard to stop). Now I have a different skincare routine that is working great for me, but I will probably change it up at the end of the year. Hope this helps!
  6. I think you should give the Acne.org Regimen a fair 3 month chance. It sounds like you've been switching back and forth on a few different products. I do recommend using Salicylic Acid with the Regimen though. The two worked together really well for me. I used the Stridex pads and Clean&Clear spot treatment. I am a firm believer of toner but I didn't use it while I was on the Regimen. I am no longer on the Regimen so I added toner back in my routine. Sunscreen is also a must! So if you think
  7. Very slowly increase your BP dose! I think that really helped me with the flakiness. I also stopped increasing doses after 1 pump of BP. The redness was a pain in the butt but you gotta get through it. Don't be afraid to go slow
  8. I do not suggest it! The side effects are not worth it for people with light acne!
  9. I have! I used the AHA+ with the cetaphil cream moisturizer but I did not mix them together, I just put the cream on first then a bit of AHA. Personally, I did not like the AHA. I stopped using it after two weeks so I can't tell you whether or not it worked, but I did not experience any breakouts or reaction from it. I am no longer on the Regimen. Hope this helps
  10. My acne got worse while I was on my first two months of the Regimen. It did not get better until 2.5 months so I think it's normal. You just have to stick through it. I have also read reviews where people react badly to jojoba oil so you might consider other options like argan oil maybe? Hope this helps!
  11. I know exactly how you feel! I had light acne when I started the Regimen and during the first two months, it made me break out even more! Plus there was the horrible flaking and dryness, so I felt super discouraged. BUT DON'T GIVE UP. It takes awhile for it to work on some people. Personally, I used a few Salicylic Acid products (Stridex pads and Clean&Clear Spot Treatment) in addition to the Regimen. I feel like that was part of the reason I cleared up so fast (I was clear in about 2.5 mont
  12. I agree with the user above. Although my skin did not get greasy from Dan's moisturizer, it might be helpful for you to use in the next feel weeks because your skin will get super dry and flaky. I used the Cetaphil cream moisturizer after I got over the dry/flaking stage. Hope it helps!
  13. I have not been on the Regimen for as long as you have but I wanted to give some input. Personally, my skin gets used to a product if I've used it for that long and stops working. Therefore I stopped using the Regimen after three months because it already cleared up my acne. So I think your skin is used to the BP after 1.5 years and it is no longer effective. That's just my personal skin experience though.
  14. There were many times while I was on the Regimen where I just fell asleep waiting for the BP to dry so I skipped the moisturizer step. It did not cause any issues for me other than sometimes when I woke up, I would be a bit drier than normal. I stopped increasing my BP doses once I got used to 1 pump. When I was completely clear for about two weeks, I slowly started to reduce the BP. As of right now, I only use a tiny bit of BP on places I feel I might be breaking out. Hope this helps! P.S. Su
  15. The flaking is inevitable. Try using less BP. I used very little BP during my first week and added very little to it every week. I also suggest you moisturize throughout the day and add jojoba oil to your moisturizer (especially at night, you can add more jojoba oil because no one will see your oily face while you're sleeping!) Hope it helps!