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  1. Hi, I have had these for a couple of months, maybe even a year. I`m referring to the white hair like things on my chin, they are really disgusting Never really paid attention to it until my friend mentioned it to me, anyone can tell me what is this and how do I treat it? Thank you !
  2. Day 18 OMG! I stopped using anything. I stopped using the BP 2.5% COMPLETELY. I only use manuka honey and primrose oil at night, and limit my washing of face to maybe once every 2 days only. And guess what? My skin is completely NOT RED, and looks quite healthy! I`m going to keep this up for awhile and see how it goes. My exams are finally over so no more stress! Hopefully this adds to my skin renewal process (:
  3. Day 15 BP BURNED MY FACE I applied BP on day 13 or 14, and after 1 hour I realised that there was a really really bad sensation, like my face was on fire. I immediately went to wash it off and my whole my face bright red! Oh my god. And I continued to feel tingling sensation and the redness did not subside after 30minutes. I tried applying moisturizer and it stung even more!! So what I did was iced my face for about 30minutes in cold ice water. Now it is day 15, the redness has slightly subsi
  4. Day 12 My face looks ridiculous. I am going to do Dans BP regime already. Wish me luck! Started off the day by washing and heading to school, yada yada yada. Came home at 9pm, cleansed and applied 2.5% BP generously. Applied moisturizer. Hope for the best in the next few weeks.
  5. Yes, I agree, thank you! I forgot to mention I am already doing that, I didn`t update my regime as I changed it halfway during the first week. Thanks anyways (:
  6. Day 9 Okay time for a weekly HONEST REVIEW Lets see.. I find that the bumps on my neck are much much much much more smaller and almost gone! It isn`t red anymore so thats a good sign (: Although I am undergoing alot of stress due to exams, my face seems to be under control! It could be just a psychological effect, but I feel that there is going to be improvement, slowly, but nevertheless, improvement. Just woke up and washed up. I suddenly don`t feel like using the cleanser, so I rinsed wi
  7. Hey dude! DONT EVER GIVE UP! WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS RIGHT! (: Since everything is already set up for you, don`t think about the ''what-if'' stuff! Just bear through the next month or so, things hopefully WILL turn out for the better! Goodluck!
  8. Day 8 I woke up this morning to find 2 small white heads on my forehead, but nah not much of a big deal. I finally got 2.5% BP! I`m trying to limit the use of it though, I don`t want it to ruin my natural treatment. Okay I woke up and realised my red marks are ''fading''? Good for me though! But things are just getting started out so I shall not expect much yet. Started out the saturday morning by washing with cleanser and applying manuka hooney! I suppose I would apply aloe vera gel if it
  9. Day 6 OK WHAT THE HELL. I realised I have really small tiny red bumps on my nose, about 4 or 5 of them. OMG WHAT THE FCK? I NEVER GET SMALL BUMPS ON MY NOSE ): FUCK MY EXAMS, FUCK THE STRESS. URGHHH!!! Morning used cleanser and manuka honey, followed by aloe vera gel. I steamed my face and applied manuka honey all over it, and I can feel alot of dirt and dead skin rubbing off my face even though I am gently applying pressure only! Please, please go away acne ): --------------------------
  10. I would eat whatever you are eating now so I could have just a portion of the skin you have dude.
  11. Is jorubi aloe vera gel considered a good moisturizer? I prefer a natural one.
  12. Okay you know what? I give up. This regime isnt helping me at all. Instead of sticking to my plan, I`m just going to write out my slightly diverted daily regime. Day 5 Woke up this morning and applied manuka honey, followed by primrose oil and enthryocin alcohol solution 2%. After night shower, applied BP 10%.
  13. Thanks for your encouragement! But to think just 1 year ago I had flawless skin, it hurts me ): Sigh. I always sleep on my back, but what happens during the night, if I toss and turn, that I`m not sure! haha. I always move around when I`m sleeping, so.. yeah. I just got this advice from an online stranger though! That I should always put a fresh towel on my pillow every night when I sleep. I just started this practice and hopefully my skin wouldn`t be so ugly! Haha
  14. thank you! Me too! I started loving it because it is not harsh to my skin at all. In fact, I feel that my skin loves it (: Could you rate my skin condition? I`m kinda unsure about what to do