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  1. bklynchica

    4 years later

    4 years after my worst outbreak, and 3 years after discontinuing duac gel, my skin is totally acceptable, and sometimes I even like it! I still get hormonal break outs around my period, but nothing traumatizing or difficult to cover up. I still use the regimen, including AHA every night, and sometimes I'll put on a raw honey and cinnamon mask for an hour which works wonders. My results...
  2. bklynchica

    Acne Album - fun fun fun

    From the first pimples after going off BC in 2005, to the worst breakout of my life - today. There have been some nice clear skin months in between.
  3. I never had acne until I stopped taking birth control at age 22. A year later I started getting the occasional pimple, and a few years after that it became mild acne which was easily treated with BP. I was sick of using BP to control it...the dry skin was getting annoying. So I decided to try the oil cleansing method. Big mistake. The first week my skin was glowing, but it was downhill after that. Now I am battling some real acne of the likes I've never had before. Morning and night sal