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  1. beef - go leannnn and not too often oats - dig in! eggs - cause very bad acne for me personally (almost maxed out the allergy scale haha)
  2. surely this is in the wrong forum, unless you're eating your facewash
  3. Quite a lot of us have probably done an elimination diet, only to introduce too many foods too fast and not know which one has caused them trouble. Well, I understand that diet is a personal thing and that different people have different triggers, but here is my "safe food list" that I go back to if ever I break out introducing a new food. Maybe try it for yourself. It's very brief but always gets me back to clear skin. And please, no "omg rice = sugar = breakouts" and "high calories = breako
  4. Give this a read It's very long but trust me it's worth it's weight in gold. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Good-Acne...0&start=140 Best of luck!
  5. there are plenty of people on these forums that eat a lot of good fat and are acne-free. i for one can have as much oily fish, fatty meat, coconut oil and avocado as i want and my skin only improves. trans and polysaturated fats are the ones to watch out for, so please don't just say "fatty foods". and it sounds like you're just discheveled because diet didn't work for you because you didn't explore hard enough, so don't make somebody else feel hopeless just because you do. its supposed to b
  6. sweet potatoes, garlic, onion, fish, vegies, spices. this might help http://foodwisenutrition.blogspot.com/2011...od-pyramid.html
  7. i used to think it did, but after getting gastro overseas and having medicine which made me not shit for about a week my skin did not change at all. the inuits were constipated beyond belief for their whole lives and suffered no acne. poor bowel movements may be correlated with poor diet and therefore acne, but it's not the actual cause of acne.
  8. cannot stand so many people claiming they have candida without a proper medical test.
  9. So to keep this very short -Went around Europe, visited Germany, Italy, France, England .etc -Limited budget, meals supplied (no choice in what's for breakfast/dinner) -Decided not to care and eat whatever (no stress on a holiday) -Ate locally wherever possible (sausages/potatoes in Germany, pasta in Italy .etc) Results: -Skin dramatically worsened in Germany, stayed bad throughout most of trip -Didn't log what I was eating, but basically everything. -Noticed that tomatoes and potatoes seemed
  10. I personally found that when I stopped washing my face entirely that my skin really started to heal and get back to what it's supposed to be. I am currently 100% clear with no washing my face for the last 2 months or so. Not even honey masks or anything of that sort - just literally doing nothing. I think it's very important to keep your skin's natural defence intact, but it just seems that not many people are willing to do this because they're so obsessed with the products they have, and are
  11. Sounds like you're making good progress! And yes, as alternate said you don't have to do a specific number of hours, it's just that the best results are seen with roughly 16 hours on a normal schedule. I personally skip breakfast and eat at about 12/1pm-ish, and stop eating after dinner at 7/8 ish. I also noticed that because of the increased levels of epinephrine I am extremely alert in the mornings, and this is when I get most of my study done efficiently. One note: beware of caffeine in t
  12. Try and get alot of your calories from healthy fats such as fatty fish, olive oil, avocado and coconut oil. All you need to gain mass is an excess of calories, so load up on the fat! This will also help you control your insulin
  13. I completely agree with alternate and healthoid - even though we think acne is a terrible thing, at least it forces us to be aware of things like sleep, stress, inflammation, digestion and overall health - and could very well have inadverdently prevented a lot of people from developing type 2 diabetes and other serious health concerns. Even the mere fact that we flush toxins through the skin means that our body is working properly despite our condition, and I believe this is often why you genera
  14. Intermittent fasting is amazing! And if you're worried it doesn't fit with your schedule, that it just sounds stupid in general, that you'll be hungry or be an unhealthy weight, this thread I started a little bit back could change your mind completely. I'm 21 and a uni student, very competitive athlete with a girlfriend, very active social life and I intermittently fast every single day, I'm basically never hungry and I've gotten even leaner than ever. Please just read over this thread and check