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  1. can a pitted scar also be a superficial scar? i have some tiny hole pricks on my face, and i can definitely see the bottom of them because they're so small and shallow. are these also teathered down like real (ex. rolling) scars? or can they be erased with peels? thanks in advance guys!!
  2. take away the pigmentation and your scars are not bad hun. peels will help with pigmentation and the overall apearance of your skin. that's what i think. p.s. don't cry
  3. *SIGH* if these guys only knew that this girl is spoken for already...tell em' BABE lol talk to you soon ;)

  4. hiya! don't know if you read my message but hope to chat soon!

  5. i hate fluorescent lighting! who invited it anyway? lol nearly nobody looks good in it!
  6. lol of course i do.

  7. Hey, You know what "te amo" means? ;p

  8. thanks for creating this site! (: <3

  9. Awh, you're welcome hun! :)

  10. No problem, seriously, anytime!! :) Let me know how it goes for you :)

  11. thanks a bunch for being so helpful on everything. (: you're the best!

  12. thanks so much for all the advice on the makeup and stuff girl! (:

  13. HMPH HMPH HMPH *weezy laugh*