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  1. My diet was terrible. Explains why I'm butt ugly then.
  2. I get stomach pain and nausea when I have any kind of oil on an empty stomach. Do you have it with food? Have you noticed similar symptoms with other oils?
  3. You can find Benzac AC in chemists. I've found it to be quite harsh though. I love Paula's Choice CLEAR Acne Fighting Treatment. It's more gentle but more expensive. You can get it at paulaschoice.com.au
  4. Thanks for the video! I'm really excited about trying this diet. I've been following a low G.I. diet for a while now and I've noticed an improvement in my skin. My bacne has disappeared and my facial acne has reduced. My blackheads are still enormous but they aren't as enormous as they once were. I feel like I've hit a brick wall though, so Paleo seems like the next step. Also, do any of the girls following this diet have any tips on how to deal with premenstrual carb/sugar cravings. I get INT