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    Remove the acne.<br />Prevent the acne.<br />Remove the scars/marks.<br />Improve the skin complexion.
  1. Just want to share something..hydroquinone is far more irritating than BP,AHA and SA..based from my experience and other reviews..also,hydroquinone isn't really preferred by most..except to the fact that it's irritating and can make your face super red..it can also cause skin cancer (trigger it,or what so ever,i'm not really in to details)..that's why it's already banned in other countries..just sharing...
  2. Hello bro,ask ko lang..san mo nabili ung mga vitamins mo? and lalo na ung chelated zinc,yan ba ung sa moa mabibili o me iba pa kong mabibilan?magkano and ilang % ung zinc?sorry daming tanong ha..thnx...
  3. Hello everyone,how's the result?i'm still hesitant in buying it cause it's really expensive..do you guys think it's worth it,or should i search for a cheaper product?thanks.
  4. Maybe i'll choose #2..hahaha btw,does the green tea on #3 mean a regular green tea?thnx. Maybe i'll choose #2..hahaha btw,does the green tea on #3 mean a regular green tea?thnx.
  5. Pls help..do you know anything that i can do to reduce the oilyness of my skin?thanks.
  6. Hi everyone..can i use it with aha?and does it help with acne scars and hyperpimentations?thanks...
  7. Chocolate hills from Bohol!hahaha are u a filipino?hehehe
  8. I'm from the Phil,and i don't know if you know these products..first is 'DERM A THERAPY C',it's in a lotion form..and then the 'SKINTEL for problem prone',it's a cream..btw,the aha % in these products are not indicated,so that's another problem.hope you can help me.
  9. Waaaa typo error..that's not MADE,that's make...
  10. Please help..i want to buy an aha product,but i've read lotions can made the skin oily,so is it true?
  11. Bro full nanaman inbox mo..hehehe

    1. Ei thanks so much for that..but i still don't know what to do..i found aha products,but the problem is that the aha % solution is not indicated..and when i try to ask the saleslady about it,they don't really know a thing,and i can't really blame them for that...the only thing that i found with the indicated % solution is 1 product with 5% aha..so sad...
    2. Guys..please help.i've read that aha is good for the skin..but the problem is,some people said 10% is kinda strong solution..and i've read that 5% aha might be useless..what do you think?
    3. What do you think guys, is 5% AHA enough for moderate acne? And what do you think about Godiva?
    4. If you haven't used it before,just don't use it anymore.i've tried sulfur before and my acne just got worse.it might or might not happen to you..but still,you could try if you want to..right now i'm using BP and its really working.if you're looking for a good product,use AHA.just be patient.