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  1. What is your regimen like? Products, no products? Perhaps exfoliating with a gentle cloth would help. The red ones are likely breakouts, just ones without a head. Especially if they are pretty big. If you just mean that the skin AROUND the bumps are red, but the bump is still just flesh toned, then it would indicate irritation around there. I'm using dans regimen it's going pretty well but the red is breakouts theres like 3 on each cheek any help is greatly appreciated!!! God bless
  2. well you sound like me i dont really have red acne bumps like whiteheads...i dont really get white heads or cystic acne just this fricken bumps on my cheeks they make my skin look rough and there skin colored some are red how do i get rid of them? there probably clogged pores but i need them to flatten out!!!!!!
  3. SienaThalia

    -Takes away redness -Takes away inflamation -Lessens pimple size -Visible reduces the pimple to the point where you cant see it at all -A bit greasy but that didn't really matter I LOVE this ! Last night there was this zit that wasn't super nessescary to pop but i couldn't help it and i totally regretted it after. I do the acne.org regimen so after I finished the regimen I decided to dab a little neosporin on it. When I woke up the bastard had COMPLETLEY deflated it was still ther
  4. SienaThalia

    -Blackheads on forehead,nose and cheeks are much smaller -Good for cleaning nose -It feels like alot of oil was lifted from the T-zone which feels good -Makes skin a bit dry so moisturize after -If you have super sensitive skin like I do you might be irritated by the sop on the pad Not only did this lift the blackheads from my nose it made my entire face soft! I really really like it. After I used it the pad on the eraser was full of junk i.e. dirt and makeup. Its great for cleans