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  1. i had steroid tablets instead of an injection, my derm said the tablets wouldnt scar and gave me the option of an injection but i chose the tablets and my HUGE cyst i had (this was about 3 months ago) disappeared slowly over the course of about 3 days....it left behind no red mark and no indent like from an injection...ask for tablets...they worked wonders on my cyst. its not come back either (touch wood!) Not good to take all the time thou, dont think they would give them out, only gave me 4 t
  2. i dont know if bp would help, as it tends to make my skin redder but u could try just putting a thin layer on....i would honestly see a dermatologist, they are very helpful. rosiex
  3. yes it is called Prednisolone Tablets, i had 3 tablets...one a day........no u arent supposed to take them long term, long term they are very bad for u and can even give u acne......but they work if u have one or 2 big painful cysts....mine has gone now after taking my 3 tablets xx
  4. Just wanted to update everyone that read my previous posts. Went to the derm about my 1st ever cyst and she suggested i have steroid tablets instead of an injection as she didnt want me to scar, so i agreed on the tablets, the dosage was one a day for 3 days. Took them at 11am and by that night my cyst (originally VERY painful and about the size of a nut! i dunno big for me ne way!), the pain felt abit less and it had probably shrank by about 40%, definatly felt smaller anyway. Woke up the ne
  5. is it very painful? mines not as big as urs and its absolutly killing.......i really think u should go see a derm, im going to go tonight and hopefully get an injection so will update tomoz and let u know what effect it has had on it. rosiex
  6. thank you all for your help, this is the 1st nodule/cyst ive ever had and im abit scared it a sign of things to come.......it is increadibly painful but fortunatly its on the side of my cheek near(ish) my ear so most of the time i can cover it with my hair. I managed to get an appointment with my derm tonight and i am going to ask for an injection, if it does scar then its in an area i can cover it up so im not worried about that too much. The pain is just so unbearable, its throbbing i hate it
  7. Does anyone else have any advice? overnight it has grown and is now double the size, and very very painful...my mum says that half my face looks swollen from it.......will it go down ever!?
  8. There is nothing to squeeze out thou...its only been there for 3 days and its red, very painful and only raised slightly off the skins surface...im pretty sure squeezing it would do no good.x
  9. Mine took about 2 months........still get the odd spot thou, but it has cleared me up alot.rx
  10. Hi Everyone, i have this lump on my cheekbone thats painful and under the skin, is this what a cyst is?! CAn i get rid of it with Benzoyl Peroxide, shall i just leave it? please help, those who know! love rosiex
  11. I had a cyst by the size of my mouth,it has healed quite well and is now just a little scab, down from a big scab (due to my stupid picking). At the moment im confused as the areas of the scab which have healed have healed slightly raised off my face, i have another couple of new scars which dip in but ive never had a scar like this before, is it a scar??? sorry to be stupid just wondering if it will ever go?? been there for about 3 days now. When i feel it with my fingers it feels flat but in
  12. hi, im the other way round! ive been clear for months and then started on cilest bc pill for bc reasons. Im at the end of month 2 and my skin is worse than its been for months...does it apply the same way around? will i keep getting spots until my body adjusts to the pill, just dont know how long to giv it before i come off it???rosiex
  13. i tend to get afew blackheads which sit under my skin for about 3 weeks and then they eventually become whiteheads and all the gunk comes to the surface and i can squeeze them, they usually all pop out as well....does neone else have this? usually after ive squeezed one thats ready to be popped it lumps up quite alot which i think is because its been in my skin4 so long.does neone knw how i can prevent these?rosiex
  14. my acnes kinda started up again,its mild/moderate thats how the derm describes it but to me its severe all the way! guess i know deep down that its not actually severe but it doesnt make it any less worse for me if that makes sense! I worry and i get depressed over it, heaven help me if it actually was very very severe but i suppose we all react to acne differently. rosiexx yes it did i remember it well. i remember living in student halls my skin getting worse and worse and finally ringing my m