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  1. iAcne

    Diet Experiment Over

    How do you know the sugar in fruit wasn't messing you up?
  2. 80mg for 5 months (185 pounds i think, 140 to 150 now, stopped weight lifting), I have like 14 20mg pills left also. Been a year now, oil is bearable but I am 19 now so maybe hormonal effects may also benefiting now and more to come. Maybe I am one of the few cause people usually don't come back to post, I am grateful everyday I feel comfortable now and will not forget the 4-5 years I went through but also I empathize still but on smaller scale probably to what people feel and think about their
  3. JoFo remember me? It's cool you're still updating your blog, thanks. Finished accutane a year ago and oil is normal for about 7-8 hours then I can just wipe away I guess, wondering if by next year if the oil will be in full effect again, still have plenty of sebacous filaments which I clean out once a day and look normal if done properly, still lurking this forum and it seems oilygirl is a really helpful member also.
  4. I'm an 18 year old boy. and I'm like "aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" "how cute" I smiled throughout that post, #happyforyou
  5. Angel, it is VERY common for people's oil to return when not on accutane anymore within the first month, i can find threads if u need me too, bryan has proven that it is VERY VERY VERY unlikely unless u have rare biology that washing will do this to you, it's your decision on what to believe but it is extremely logical and i'm sure 90%+ will agree with me and Bryan, again, it's your choice and we are here to help and i will provide links when I have time to show you it's common for accutane to d
  6. Accutane very likely controlled ur oily skin, you went off it and it came back likely, read other accutane threads concerning oily skin (google search) and there are other people who went through it
  7. If you believed in God, you would know they have a plan for you, by not respecting makes it worst. Or you know, you could just not believe in him like a lot of people like me, good luck anyways man.
  8. Day 17 oil 100% down and my blackheads have been coming out for the past 3ish days I believe because before I shower my face feels like sandpaper and then when all gunk is washed off it is smooth then sandpaper a couple hours later or a day also i can see plenty of white gunk on my nose in the shower mirror I have coming out. some spots, really don't care, I just feel comfortable not having so much oil on my face, i feel happier
  9. Day 11 Whiteheads and spots around my mouth are starting to hurt even if i'm still. oil is still reduced 80%, there is still some there, i thought it would be 100% gone by now but from reading posts this is normal, theories such as the skin pushing out all oil under skin first etc might be true and cause shinyness which people have posted about the shinyness at the beginning of accutane but going away, whatever i'm cool with it
  10. Whay kind/brand of lactoferrin? Apparently you need to take it on an empty stomach for it to be absorbed properly. 3-4 hours after a meal. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lactoferrin-250mg-60-Capsules/dp/B003TXDK0W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1328908341&sr=8-1 took it first thing in the morning, probably had breakfast 50 minutes after
  11. well i'm 170 lbs and on 80mg, maybe 80mg is just too much for 115lbs, that's all I have to say and it probably doesn't help, but all the best with your situation and son's