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  1. I just use makeup remover wipes to remove as much of the foundation as I can. I like them because you can actually see the product coming off and you can be sure you got everything when no more makeup is coming off. Then I usually use my Cetaphil cleanser afterwards.
  2. From being a model. If you go to a casting with acne, you've got shit-all chance of getting the job.
  3. I found it helped to start off by applying only a small amount and increase the amount gradually as your skin builds up tolerance. It's tempting just to slather it on the first day but if you do that you're going to wake up looking and feeling like you're sunburnt. And MOISTURIZE! That is the only way to reduce the irritation. One night I thought I would be smart and not put moisturiser on so the BP would work better, but the next morning I woke up and my skin was red and burning. It lasted like
  4. I work in a popular fashion retail store in Australia. A lot of beautiful girls shop and work there. It was so hard being at work when my acne was bad because everyone else seemed perfect and I always used to get strange looks. One customer even said "You would be so pretty if you didn't have pimples". I went out the back and cried. Things are better now though because my skin has cleared up significantly.
  5. Maggie is now clear clear clear. Thanks Brenda!

    1. Some people seem to like Clinique. I haven't tried it myself, but if you only shop high-end then you could try that. I also like Keihls products but I haven't tried anything aimed at reducing acne. But seriously, what's wrong with good ol' Cetaphil? If the product works, it shouldn't matter how 'pretty' the packaging is.
    2. I use makeup remover wipes. They're pretty expensive, but they work wonders. Just wipe your face and then toss it in the bin. Simple.
    3. Physically, it ruined my face. Duh? But yeah, I had great skin before I got acne. My face is pretty much clear now but I still have scars and I think it's going to take a long time for them to go away. Mentally, it knocked my self-confidence. I've always been pretty shy but acne just made that worse. I could barely look people in the eyes when it was bad because I was afraid they were judging me. BUT... I'm probably one of the few people who are thankful for getting acne. It made me re-evaluate
    4. They are just enlarged pores. You could try exfoliation and clay masks. If that doesn't work you can go to a dermatologist to talk about chemical methods such as Retinoids or SA, but try the gentler options first.
    5. 1.) How severe is your acne: Was mild/moderate. 2.) What kind of side effects have you experienced: Weight gain, better moods, lowered sex drive, bigger boobs(!). For the first few months I had regular bouts of nausea so I went back to my doctor and he told me to try taking it at night instead of in the morning. The nausea disappeared after that. 3.) How long did it take for Diane35/Dianette to show noticeable improvement (package): About 1 month, but I was also using Duac BP at the time s
    6. I've tried both and I like both. The cleanser for oily skin gives a deeper clean but it does dry out your face more than the gentle kind. When I first used the gentle cleanser it made my face feel weird like it hadn't been cleaned properly, but it doesn't do that anymore for some reason. You're right about soaps not being good for sensitive skin! Soaps are terrible for any skin type.
    7. Breakfast: - Oats, blueberries and low-fat milk Lunch: - Vegetarian sushi Snack: - Strawberries (4) Dinner: - Small serve of vegetable/lentil/brown rice dish - Salad Desert: - Small piece of chocolate (couldn't resist!)
    8. This product broke me out. All primers break me out for some reason! I never use them anymore. You don't really need them unless you're going out in hot (ie. sweaty) weather. If you find a good foundation you can usually skip the primer.
    9. I use the Loreal True Match Mineral foundation. I love it! It doesn't break me out, it keeps my face matte, it doesn't feel 'heavy' on my face, it has great coverage, and it makes your skin glow
    10. I second this. My routine is almost exactly the same. I cleanse with Cetaphil (for oily skin) and it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry at all. After that I use the Grease Lightning Toner from LUSH which is an aloe and witch-hazel based gel that absorbs any oil and leaves your skin shine-free for a very long time. It's an all-natural product. Lastly I moisturise with the Olay moisturiser which is very light and non-greasy. My skin feels so nice afterwards