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  1. Hi all-- I've been using tazorac for about 3 weeks. I was using Clenia facewash as well but it is too drying. I wanted to see if jojoba oil would moisturize my skin and also help with my acne so I started using it about 4 days ago. I think my acne is starting to calm down (who knows from what). I've been using the jojoba in the morning with my moisturizer SPF and also at night before my tazorac. I read that putting on moisturizer before tazorac is good to do (from the tazorac website), but I
  2. Hello all, I started the regimen a week ago. For the past few years I have had a very irritating regimen. I would wash with a salicylic acid scrub, followed by a glycolic acid toner or apple cider vinegar, followed by 10% BP and differin gel. Occasionally I would use moisturizer and clay masks. A few months ago I got fed up with my face always being red and blotchy, so I substantially decreased the amount of BP and differin I was using. I realized my skin started to look much more even. I decid
  3. I've had a large pus filled pimple on my chin for a week. I originally had been using apple cider vinegar on it to dry it out. The area around it began getting overly dry, so I stopped using it and just continued with washing and using BP. But for the past three entire days it will not stop secreting a yellow/red liquid. It will not scab over, it just continues to drain. I'm wondering how to get it to finish draining so it can begin to scab over and start the healing process. I've been trying gr