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  1. Gave the Head & Shoulders a go, maybe I was a little over zealous, I put it on my back and chest and left it over night, 4 nights in a row. Drying out of monumental proportions ensued, for the first week I felt as though I was bursting out of my skin it was so tight and sore, i'm still flaking and the dryness came up my neck and onto my face. I'd liken it to BP 10% face wash (which I would also leave on my back/chest over night). I probably wouldn't advice doing what I did, unless you're p
  2. About two weeks in now, not entirely sure whether I've noticed a change or not with regards to the Patethine. I've cleared up a lot from 2 weeks ago but I've got a feeling that was down to other methods.
  3. I haven't tried B5(Pantothenic Acid), thought I'd give the Pantethine a go first, I suppose it's the opposite way round to what most people do, so it should be a good test to see whether it works on it's own. I'm 2 days in now, if/when it works I'll post my thoughts on here. If I don't see much of a change within a month or two, then I'll hit the Pantothenic Acid BIG time, though don't really care for some of the stated side affects, but no pain no gain I suppose. Lets see.
  4. Starting today on Pantethine 900mg, possibly 1350mg per day along with biotin and b-complex. Lets see how it goes.
  5. polyphonica

    25th August 2010

    22 years old Have tried; B.Peroxide, Retin A, Glycolic Acid, Erythromycin, and various other stuff. Just stopped taking erythromycin as I didn't think it was helping enough to warrant over a year of constant use. Just about to try Pantethine, will go mental on Patothenic acid if that doesn't work. I'd describe my acne as mild to moderate but always suffer with my jaw line area, hard deep lumps that are currently very angry and painfull. My back and chest aren't very good either, constantly b
  6. Why do people say they'll update with a follow up post? Pointless lie.