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  1. The following are my opinions and guesses, none of which are backed by any medical knowledge or science. I currently have a lot of blackheads/keratin plugs on my nose, which has head to clumps of hard bumpy skin (they look like skin color raised bumps and are bumpy to the touch). Literally, for the past 4 years, I've wondered why my nose was developing these skin colored bumps. I saw so many derms, and they all offered me a different answer and a simple treatment: use retinoids. And in fear
  2. Hmm yea. I just wonder where all these articles of Jojoba dissolving the hardened sebum and opening up the pores come from. It'd be nice to actually know for sure.
  3. Yea I notice too much jojoba will just sit on my skin which I mean I assume would mean it's not letting my skin breathe and is "clogging" my pores? I've started to reduce how much jojoba I use on my skin. I also once read somewhere that it's smart to let the jojoba or whatever moisturizer you're using sit for 10 minutes or so and then use a paper towel to pad your skin to soak up any of if that didn't get absorbed by the skin.
  4. Hi all, Let me start off by saying I use the Acne.org jojoba oil and have been for a few years now. I don't even really measure how many drops I use I always figured more meant better hydration, better skin. I was thinking though, clogged pores are partially due to a overproduction of sebum from our skin. So sebum can clog our pores. Jojoba is renowned for being just like our sebum, and there are claims it can dissolve sebum plugs and open our pores. Has anyone encountered any research o
  5. This might sound stupid....and obviously I'm not a skin expert, but blackheads get their distinct black color when that mixture of oil and dead skin that is clogging your pores oxidizes right? Whereas whiteheads don't have a "opening" and does not oxidize to get the color. So.....how exactly do deep embedded blackheads with that looks like skin (maybe dead skin, hardened sebum, etc...?) over it, get their color? I am wondering because I have them and I believe that the layer of skin over the
  6. It doesn't look completely flat but it is definitely flatter especially when u look at it from some angles. It usually starts to grow back after the wound scabs heal and fall off. It's been 1.5 weeks and im using tazorac on it and it looks pretty dried out with a chance it wont grow back. Hopefully the boston dermatologist was just a straight up boss and did it really really well. I'll see though.
  7. Bumppppppp Has anyone gotten anywhere with this? I have bumps on my nose where cystic pimples used to be (so i think these are scars with fibrous tissues) and other bumps that are completely skin colored with pores in the middle (which I think are enlarged oil glands). I've only had electrocautery done on the scar ones but unfortunately, they just seem to grow back even though the doctors claim that they shouldn't. I'm currently seeing one of the "top" dermatologists in Boston so we'll see ho
  8. Personally, my diet or exercise or alcohol or anything like that has never affected my acne. But here's my advice. I'm a guy, so I have no idea about birth control. But I probably would not start a pill that affects your whole body without a professional approval by a dermatologist. I've paid out of pocket to see a derm (because my stupid insurance didn't cover it). It averages about 150 per visit, which isn't bad, but you have to remember that you're probably going for more than one visit.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a dermatologist they really like/trust in Boston. There's so many "top" ones in Boston. I was thinking about skincare physicians or Dr. Tan (OTTan.com). I was also wondering if there was any way a dermatologist section could be added to the forums. A place where users can review their dermatologists so other users can see which derms are worth the time and money and which are not. I am absolutely convinced (ok, semi convinced) that a GOOD
  10. Hi, I have had these enlarged oil gland bumps on my nose for over a year now. Up until very recently, no derms have ever told me anything about rosacea. Finally, one doctor said I probably have stage 3 rosacea and he prescribed me ampicillin for it. It describes my condition well....bumps appearing on my nose that seem to be enlarged oil glands. Because 6 previous derms failed to ever tell me this, I am wondering if this could in fact be rosacea. I've never had any of the other symptoms
  11. I'd straight up try the regimen. I've never used anything advertised on tv before like proactiv. I only tried the acne.org regimen because of all the positive reviews, and you don't have to use their products. Anyways I had a horrible breakout on my forehead last year because I kept irritating it from basketball. I started the regimen and I haven't had anything on my forehead since. I'd definitely give it a try. I have no idea what a sulfur mask is suppose to do but I'd go with just the acne.o
  12. Once it clears you of all your acne I think you could go to once a day or even go every other day, and see how your skin reacts. I've still been doing it twice a day but I use half a pump of BP now and no signs of acne coming back. I might switch to once a day and use it as a spot treatment eventually.
  13. Isn't the BP dry when you go to bed? Wouldn't it not stain anything if its dry?
  14. I used half - 1 pump every time now. After you're clear you can pretty much see how little you can use without breaking out. You probably don't need to put as much bp on some places on your face too