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  1. Thanks for your response Inspired. I spoke with a couple of friends about it and they mentioned a really good point...thorough research is needed before making such a big decision and if I were to go through with any procedures I have to make sure I have 100% trust in the Dr.
  2. Hi everyone, I really appreciate any advise from your experiences and/or knowledge regarding Fraxel, silkpeels, and acne peel....I have minimal-moderate acne left around my chin right now and have had severe acne on and off for the past 10 years. This resulted in a lot of small to large scars mainly from cystic all over my face. I am currently doing holistic and natural regimens using plant based products mostly and things are getting in control. Recently I got a consultation in Toront
  3. Bonnybell - I've not tried the collagen induction therapy.... I feel scared about this since they are needles poking my skin. I don't know any reputable places in Toronto that does this. How much are these services? I hope you are finding some solutions to clearing your acne. I know how it feels to be an adult and still have acne! I find that when I am anxious/ stressed/ unbalanced... my breakouts resurfaces. So I try my best to balance my rest, diet, work, and play.... I feel so much bett
  4. Hi everyone, It has been 1.5 years since I started the DKR. Even though I was pretty much clear, the scars were taking a long time to heal and my complexion could have been better. So I started to cut back on the BP to once a day. Of course I started to break out after a week but I did noticed that my scars were healing a lot faster. I also noticed that even though I was on BP, I still break out from almond milk, cheese, fried foods... etc. My skin needs nutritional foods to be well, lot
  5. Uh Oh! I'm breaking out again. Location: chin + mouth area, jaw.... yikes It started last week, at first it was one zit...so I started to wear make up. then they started to cluster??!!! Through process of elimination I gathered these may be the causes: - Stress/ lack of sleep (hormonal) from starting my school year again in Sept. - I had lots of chocolate almond milk, mozzarella cheese, and processed foods (I started to take my clear skin for granted) they broke me out in t
  6. Hey throughbeingcool! I just want to say that you are beautiful with or without acne! I know how it feels to be embarrassed If you ever feel like switching things up again, I highly recommend SBT (Seabuckthorn Berry Soap and cream). It's all natural and super gentle on the skin! I do use this while on DKR just so you know. But this stuff is by far the best thing I've used for my face. I agree with the other person ... through experience. ACV is great internally, but externally it stung
  7. 11 months I hope everyone is doing great! I still have lots of scars from last summer *sigh*. I have one cyst deep in my skin that just won't go away for the past 8 months?? I'm not touching it. I have very minor tiny breakouts that doesn't really bother me. Instead of trying to fix my scars I'm going to work on my hyperpigmentation. Updated Routine: Wash: SBT Berry Soap Topical: DKR BP Moisturizer: JASON Lightening Vitamin K cream (just started), was using Argan Oil for a few months Face
  8. Hey all, THE BRIEF: on my journey to beautiful skin I had acne for over 10 years (comes and goes), now at 28 I controlled cystic acne by going on DKR 2.5%bp and healthy eating habits. I am pretty much clear with maybe 5% of acne left over which doesn't really bother me. CURRENT PROBLEM: scars and wanting to get off bp So I have been recommended to treat my rolling scars with a very intrusive surgical process called subcision. I youtube'd it and got real scared. I want to not rely on bp fore
  9. So the scar message board people suggested subcision or dermarolling/ needling for my type of scarring (rolling). Subcision looks extremely scary so maybe for now I can live with scars. Dermarolling seems much less intense. I wonder if it's possible to get rid of my scars without these extreme measures? Of course this will have to take a long time but seeing my poor skin undergo so many cuts doesn't seem right either. Aggravating my skin may cause breakouts.... Any suggestions??
  10. thanks for the responses! So I looked up subcision and O M G... it looks crazy scary. It's surgical right? Unless I'm watching the wrong videos. How often would I have to go in, or is it a one time thing? Needling as in derma-roller? what size should i be looking at? thanks everyone
  11. Hey, DKR has kept the acne at bay and right now I'm dealing with alot of scars. The redness/ freckles are going away by using vit e oil. However, how do I get rid of the indentations? Microderm and laser have always given me temp results since I break out afterward from extreme sensitivity. here's my recent pic, any suggestions?
  12. seabuckthorn seed oil (5 drops) with vit e oil (one capsule) works like a charm.
  13. I use it - it works great! you have to get used to the greasiness though. Where I am it's pretty dry and cold so vit E oil works well.. but if your climate is different, I may just get vit E moisturizer - this way it soaks in. goodluck.
  14. 9 Month... ? hey all Still on the DKR but I've not been as discipline etc and apply the aha mask once these past two months (by the way, this is my natural fruit puree mask that I used to make everyday, accushame). I scrub with sea salt and flaxseed oil once a week. I have been insanely busy and no sleep for the end of term so technically speaking my skin COULD be better. But seriously, compared to last summer - i'm pretty impressed with the results so far. I feel very minimal bumps, some b
  15. Hey there, Don't be discouraged if people don't post - many people read and track your progess. I agree with Accushame... please keep it simple. I would def. suggest using very mild cleanser that cleans but restores the moisture in your face; Dan's BP; then extremely hydrating lotion. Don't use any other topical medicine thing before or after BP because it would be an overload on your face. As much as Acne is a nuisance, it is your body so treat it with care and sensitively. Try to drink