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  1. Hi , I was on antibiotics for 3 years for a prostate problem and ever since stopping them felt a little ill everyday and had acne. After recentley starting another 2 month dose of antibiotics but this time for my skin I've lost a ton of weight and am now a stone and a half underweight !. I feel sick everyday , can never go to the toilet and still have bad acne. I had a basic intolerance test which came back that I had a high intolerance to wheat and also cows milk. I've thought for years I may
  2. I've had no wheat or milk now for 4 days and so far I've noticed no change in my acne. I read on the leaflet which came with the results of the intolerance tests it may take 6-8 weeks to see any changes any way. I was told to stop wheat gradually but I've just completely stopped. I'm not eating something I know is going to make me feel sick and since I've been avoiding the stuff I've felt better. One thing I have had a hard time doing though is finding things to eat , quite simply wheat was a
  3. Thanks for the help. I tend to get stomach pain often , feel sick too although I've always thought it had just been normal for my body. I guess it could be something related to this. I've been eating bread for years , cookies , crisps , choclate , milkshakes. In fact I'd say most of my diet probably consisted of things I have an intolerance to lol !. I've stopped all wheat and cows milk from today and I'll be going back to the same chemist for a more in depth test to find out if there is anyth
  4. I just had an intolerance test done by a local chemist , the most basic test you could have for £20.00 and I have tested positive for Cows Milk and Wheat and also have tested a positive but mild on nut mixtures (almond + cashew + hazlenut + peanut ). I'm not sure if anyone here will understand this ( I don't lol ) but here's the exact results. Cows Milk UML. 46.2 Wheat
  5. Hi , I've just today started taking B5 at 2 grams a day. 1 gram in the morning , another at night. I'll move up to 2 and then see how I go. I'm worrying about one thing , over the last 3 months I've lost a huge amount of weight and I'm currently under going investigation. Just after I've taken my first tablet I've read in this thread that these can cause weight loss , do they cause it for everyone ?. I'm supposed to be putting weight on. These B5 were quite expensive too.
  6. That is exactly what I get lol !. When I had my results back from the Endoscopy my doctor said this would have been the a mixture of the erosion and the acid reflux causing the problem. They gave me some tablets called " omeprazole " which apparently clear up acid reflux and so far they've helped a little but I usually still get the breathing problem every night , just not as bad. It's as if I have to breathe very deeply in order to get a satisfying amount of air in my lungs. Have you had alle
  7. Lol , three very different answers there !. Thanks though , I appreciate all the advice. I'm very interested in having a colon cleanse after all these years of having problems with my stomach and that area in general. I'm going to book an appointment on Tuesday to see my doctor and see what he thinks , I'd imagine he'll want me to wait for my results from the CT scan first. I've just been and bought a lot of healthy food and fatening food I don't usually eat. Hopefully I can stick to be much
  8. I've had Acne since being around 12/13. I'm 19 now and it's on both of my cheeks and it seems to only be getting worse. I've been using Benzoyl Preoxide for months now and whilst it seems to help it hasn't gotten rid of my acne and honestly I'd like to find out what is actually causing my acne and if I can get it under control. Over the last 3 months I've lost nearly 3 stone. I have had an endoscopy ( camera down the throat ) which found acid refulx and erosion of the stomach and esophagus and
  9. Thanks. I'm hesitant to use more since it's already making my face quite dry even with Dan's moisturiser. Unbelivably I actually have accutane and I've had it for two months. I can't start it though since I'm currently under going investigations since I lost nearly 2 stone in a month and was having trouble digesting food , if it turns out to be something like Chrons obviously accutane would be a terrible idea. I'm waiting to get my results back before even considering it. I doubt I'll start it a
  10. I get these also , just smaller. I'd imagine it's a cyst but I'm not 100% sure what any type of acne is usually , they all look to similar to me. I've seen you mention turmeric in a few threads and I've actually just purchased some. Could you explain how you use it completely please , do you use moisturizer or something ?. I'm interested in trying it.
  11. I've been using benzoyl peroxide for a few months now. It works to keep my spots down and dries a lot of them out but just as the old ones are about to heal new ones always break through. I've been using benzoyl for around 4 months if I'm not mistaken , I have Dan's stuff but it's nearly ran out and I wont be able to afford it again. I'll be just using Benzoyl Peroxide then that you can buy in a pack over here cheap and another moisturizer too when that runs out ( not sure which yet ). Here's a
  12. Hi , thanks for the reply. I'm 18 now , 19 in april. The acne appeared on both cheeks when I was 17. I'm hoping it's hormonal like you said. I'm using dans cleanser but that's it other than the antibioitcs now. I was using benzoyl for months and it didn't help much, I'm wondering if emu oil might help.
  13. Sorry if this is in the wrong area , I've had a look and I think this is right. I've had acne since being 12 or 13 and it started on my forehead and looked exactly as it does here only a lot more enflamed , once I became 17 it magically seemed to dissapear over a few days and I thought my acne was gone forever , then about a week later it all started to appear on my cheeks and again a little on my forehead. The cheeks are definitely the worst place as every spot as I get tends to never dissapear
  14. I'd carry on. It should at least improve a little and there are some people on here that have gotten 100% clear through this antibiotic. I used to have bad acne on my forehead which for some reason vanished and it has scarred although it looks nowhere near as bad as it did and it doesn't really bother me. If you can clear up the spots there are things for scarring anyway. Now it's appeared on my cheeks lol. I'm guessing this is because of my hormones and I'm hoping they'll go as I get older , I'
  15. Just bumping this question since I'd like to start using them again and I can't get to the doctors until about another 2 months. Any help would be really appreciated.