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  1. Heyy!!!

    Ur face looks really clean?

    Can't see any sings of acne

    Anyways I use the greatest treatment Lerosett!!!!!!!!!!

    Totally works

  2. SweetChic


    MORNING (before school) Wash Face with Face Wash (to remove face mask) Apply moisturizer with SPF 30 or more Apply Foundation AFTERNOON (after school) Use a make-up removal hand wipe (to wash off make up) Use Lerosett Clay Mask aggressively and after 20 minutes wash off Use Lerosett Moisturizer as a face wash Apply Foundation if needed (I don't only if I'm going out as I need my skin to BREATHE NIGHT (before bed) Remove make-up Use Lerosett Clay Mask normally to sleep
  3. Hey!!!, Welcome to my blogs for teenage girls suffering from mild acne I just started to use the free 21 day trial of LEROSETT and to be honest I absolutely love it. I have been to the doctor and asked for a treatment and that did zilch, just a waste of time and have bought so many products I was near to giving up. I currently also use Acnepril so that also pitches in to help my acne but since I have been using LEROSETT there have been no breakouts, just old pimples that need to go awa
  4. Umm, dont really understand but CHEW YOUR FOOD!!!! LOL dont want any choking people around here also don't talk while eating (past experiences)
  5. Heyy, Im sorry you have people teasing you and stuff but don't let it come to your head like that. From what I see you have a fairly nice face... you should see mine RED RED EVERYWHERE!!! Just seriously ignore those obnoxious people and tell someone about it. I know how you feel I have been teased for 13 years but I just ignore. What I do when I go out and to school is use FOUNDATION!!!! The magical product Go to the chemist and ask an assistant to help you find a foundation colour for your ski