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  1. 2 years i believe... Still working good, problem is my favorite EUCERINE mosit is gone out of the market so now my skin is a bit more flaky...
  2. did anybody tried this products?? Alpha Hydrox Sheer Silk Moisturizer SPF 15 UVA/UVB http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...62&btrx=BS-8227 Moisturizer, Peaches & Cream Moisturizer with 4% Alpha Hydroxy Acids 16 oz http://shopping.msn.com/specs/shp/?itemId=22229177
  3. one more thing....I also have one more bottle but its expired already will it still work good??
  4. hi guys i`ve been using it since like 3 years ago and i always could buy it at wallgreens, now since they are discontinuing this product..what is another moisturiser that would be as good as Eucerin?? I`m not sure why this moist. was so good for my skin was is Alpha Hydroxy Lotion in it or something else? but this product didn`t clog my pores and was perfect with BP.. Anything else ive used caused brakeouts and wasn`t as good as Eucerin.. GUYS anybody found a good substitue? Is EUCERIN RENEWAL w
  5. I've been on it for a year and a half... Everything works well only sometimes I brake out like crazy but usually it will go away in 2 weeks and then i got the quiet time for few months... I realized that I always brake out after SPICY foods and also after anything that has TOMATO, mostly KETCHUP and BBQ sauce... FORGET About PIZZA..
  6. DRINK a lot of WATER it will prevent ACNE you`ll see..
  7. Morning. -Take a shower wash my face either with HOT water or the purpose soap (depending how dry my face is, it ist dry then only hot water to wash of oil and dirt) -if i have any pimples on my face I apply BP on them if not then I don`t touch BP Night. - Wash my face again HOT water -apply BP on the whole FACE, wait few min till it dries and then apply Eucerin Lotion - if I have any BIG pimples then I try to put a lot of BP on it and massage it gently with it. GO TO SLEEP Some
  8. same here BUT the only thing that works for me is take away the oil from my face with some paper towels or toilet paper. Don`t rub it just put the paper on your face and press to take away oil. Works for me. It will take some oil of your face for 2 -3 hours and then you have to do it again. I've tried many other creams and stuff nothing works so the only thing is PAPER TOWELS or toilet paper. The best ones are the ones that are thin Like cheap toilet paper or cheap bar napkins.
  9. Yeah I read few posts about it but I think it is pointless because once you stop taking B5 your oil production comes back. And I've read that you need to take a lot of B5 for it to work.
  10. HOW old are you? Maybe that is how your skin will look for few years not because of BP but because of your hormones that make you produce that much oil. When I was 12- 14 I had no oil on my face and no pores. Slowly my pores showed up and now at the age of 23 I got the most oily face in the whole NEW YORK and the biggest pores ever.. ) DANS regimen also makes my skin produce more oil, but last 2 weeks ago I made some changes and I only use DANS regimen at night and in the morning I wash my fac
  11. Hey everybody. I was on DANS regimen for over a year but I decided that i need to do some changes last 2 weeks ago and listen what I did. At night I still do what DAN recomends, which is washing face BP and moist... BUT I realized that doing it at night and morning caused my face looking RED. And I am on dans regimen for one 1 yeah and still get red face. SO one day I went to the store and found this OXY MAXIMUM STRENGHT ACNE WASH (oil free) with 10% benzoyl peroxide. I got it and decided to try
  12. the problem is that 2.5% makes my skin RED. I can`t even imagine what will 10% do to me..
  13. i would say try till it is all DRY! and then put your clothes on.. #-o But i`m not sure if dry DP bleaches or not, especially when you start to sweat.
  14. I have to try it.. LAST time I run out of my PURPOSE soap and i went to the STORE, and it was all sold out.. I WAS VERY MAD so i got this PURPOSE one in LIQUID form.. I believe it SUCKS, and after washing it feels like it didn`t clean my face and leaves some weird feeling on my face.. anybody else uses it?
  15. BP won`t help you with blackheads.. What i do is CLEAN my FACE in the morning in the shower with my soap for like a minute. Since I shower in HOT water my pores open and the soap with a little bit of RUBBING of my hands on face cleans the blackheads. But it all depends on how big your pores are. I have big pores so they open more when in hot water, but my GF has very tiny pores and EVEN hot steam would not help. She squeezes them out from time to time after washing her face and HER HANDS. TRY to